Jeff Bridges Talks 'Hell or High Water' and the One Constant in His 70 Films

Bridges appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk his role as a Texas Ranger in the film "Hell or High Water."
22:38 | 01/18/17

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Transcript for Jeff Bridges Talks 'Hell or High Water' and the One Constant in His 70 Films
They have video. Same billowing around. And Wal-Mart sells sort of electronic equipment. Or get your hands off. Well you Gore's. Liberation. Just you can do drawers take him homeowners'. Money entry did. I can't arrange shipment. It's scripted burns director. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers in this is popcorn we we tell you what's happening at the movies and the movie I've been eleven per month now called hell. I wore and it stars my buddy here Jeff Bridges. It is ended at one well now I just think this is one this movie sneak up on people. And they see it and tell other people and thank you guys you know war. And Jeff Bridges as Gooden who know new. With would that happen he feel good about that. I do I'm really pleased with the film you know great group great you know it last year and great director David McKenzie. Wonderful cast you know Hannibal make him well believe Kim I'm just terrific. We'll talk a little about this Texas ranger guy and you're like. I love that his little teasing we. Which is not how like key aspect and flicked down. Will we were all very fortunate to have walking that Jackson on this it's. He he's no longer with us passed away last year but you're very real Texas ranger. And he of course told us you how to Wear all the gear and you know Heidi behavior. But he was on this. And just being his presence you kind of get get something. You'd think. You know a guy who's. He had his life that you kind of have this you should know but he cast we do you know. Very loving. So he was he was a wonderful. Source for me and then also. As far as the you know the heating. Aspect of my care yet. I. I called my grandfather. Red Simpson. Who's from Liverpool. And he has really had agreed. From him you have big draw a lot of humor you know he would tease us terrible. And brother blow. He he inherited the teasing gene. I remember what you tell you know he he he are pleased me just terrible. And my mother would those Jeff that just because he loves his. And I could understand they go yeah that's a way of you know displaying intimacy I know you so well the conclusion that and Erica understood that from. Refusing. So that was something I could. But the guy is just as I mean they can actors just so richly drawn as a guy who would be just wading. In the chair for the next robbery here hoping he picked the right bank he. Last who themselves as actors don't have to face the bases retirement you know we could. You Texas Rangers again. Pulled the plug on certain page yet human. Did you see this as a political movement when did we just think that rarely if the banks I mean banks have really violence here. Yeah they or. What were the things that appealed to me about the script was ambiguity. Because. Did not write this tube than is right for the banks to you'll lend money to peacefully. Know damn well it can't. Sitting back and then again there's. That's so that such an. It's. I'm the reason partly they had from the pocket can read write I mean you should re likely to hear that has to do with your question. A a is that I've prepared is I have never seen an increase their pockets shows is that this is if you're off your. Oh yeah. I don't know my. Uses. Souls and its quote from him this was something. They moved. If only it were so simple. If only there were evil people's somewhere insidious leak committee evil deeds and that were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who was willing to destroy it piece of news. Yes you know so this them. This judgment right and wrong when so often because it that we all have human beings both. Did you discuss this with the actor Hugh working with with Chris pine and Ben Foster when you or your. Sitting down or. On the surface and what's going on and unique is that something talk about as actors. You rehearse. We rehearse it was certainly. We talk about a little bit. You know but net. Net focused on that and that and that's what we wanted to convey in this news you know Lou. The lives of the characters of use and talk to them. David McKenzie director of personal fortune. We do receive stories I'll Yan was no great movie really good for nothing in just it's so moving but. That's what this Mitt best kind of thing is so important to me in terms of being somebody who watches movies. It's the kind of movie that doesn't have it didn't cost Britain fifty million dollar may. And that kind of movies kind of fallen through the crap. Yet but it's Colin bath tub Condoleezza. Rice. Yeah it at this point your life what you have seven Oscar nominee. I don't know I think I'm the neither carrier go with being right. Could and you have that Oscar sit man. Where's it's it is fitting that Hugo. In my secretaries. Secretary's office differences. Right. And seek policy. Thank you did you visitation rights. Do you know I bring in up because. You have one of what I think is an enviable career you know you've done everything played. Anything that you wanted to you didn't seem to be managed by some but he get you can't do you hear me. The thing about the Oscar nominations that gets me that is among those seven days if there's not one for the big. You didn't good nominee for the movie premieres that a good movie did great. But those jet dude. You know whatever but he says they are the Oscars though he's right I would say it's it was not the if I think the relevant coordinator didn't have there are there are mass is meant that make it look so easy. It's like give those guys in the ward you know they to spill the laws from you know. But it's a pot so it's just so great watching that movie each scene leads to another great it doesn't you know you can make a movie like that but this movie lives you know we have we live in a world where everybody as short attention span. On to the next and the next thing in the next thing but that lives you know the dude does a box. We you know about the festival's if you wait till one I had my beetle moment there you know play with my bare and the byters do you byters of course but you know we're back ladies and gentlemen good it. And the play into his seat. Do's and bowling you're pretty dresses up some. Some guys are olympians. Flawed. So one guy think he won the award this year it was the little drawings that Jackie re free horn draws all right. As. The dude reacted the aged from. It might call a mom needs him. Let's. Let's do some benefits for. These colleges or apply you know so you take care work people. I think I'm I'm hoping. It was very exciting times. That's a one more port humorous side he's not six you know we don't want. I think the thing that I Monaco myself you'll against cervical. You you know one. Just you know rollover. Enabled us you know it you know I'm trying to get them do to inspire what are the things that impressed me about trump. The use. He's very you know. Changeable whose. You know if you open a probably less kind word would be hypocrite. But that's something that all of those human beings deal with our own articulate with hypocrisy and you know. We're. In that we don't know world. Everything you know we are mines can change I'm hoping that he keeps that going and that we can fueled boom you listen to the people. Was to make America great again. I think remain in America I think I'm for making the world grade. Americas a part of that. And I want to do that I care and two seen that happens on you know. I'm bulletin what do you and I I just had an image of the dude you know basically dealing with the wall that's going to be built idea that tell him you know meets these just. The only way it in the he's going to these there's all that's that you can. Tell the continent. But when do you do you spend time looking at your own work. You know when do you watch the movies at home do you stay. Let's take a look at what's your first Oscar nomination is the less its future. What were you eleven like toys yet there that was it. It's still a great. That would stands alone atlases can sit there by itself is nothing really like it or it's like you just isn't. Black and white Gloria to doing what groups and rock shock and away went humor. Memory about the first thing that comes to you think that. Well. What are the first I guess the first because you know you're talking about hell or high water is a felony Lloyd catlett. And he was sixteen year old kid is an archer city by the way the first bank that the guys rob and Heller. We are listed isn't all had been a little. Did it anyway. Lloyd was hired physicist who came to play a part in the movie and he also. Was hired to teach us California kids how to beat Texas here is. And we have now dumps over seventy films together he's been my stand for seventy fields was through line through. Oracle. These so he knows everything and so yeah the united hadn't like morally we can tell you guys are meddling in. He could remember things like in but there had met through metal through all those moves is one and whenever play god like. Mark Moseley in hell or high water. Words my mind my touchstone is Texas mis you know that western. Woman. How did that though that nomination. Change your life. When your day via 20/20. One whatever you want when you're making that movie did it mean because you grew up with that you we've talked to when you've been here before Baghdad and your mom and you know I remember you when you were on his show right Steve Torre. Somewhere it said when you were two years old you were in in the. No but six months six months it's still your career really spans it runs that. Did you demand final cut six you know what would you call. It was called the company she keeps wrong and it was. With a Jane Greer wonderful actors my parents who visited this. And they needed a baby in my mom's that you can take my kid him. It was a rather happy baby. And the baby in the movies was the core. My mom's just couldn't. It's been different. That we cut may be. You know 35 years later I mean a movie. With Jane Greer. And against laud you can view regional out of the past wonderful moment movement in the remake. And she's playing. The mother and in the remake and we have received together message I'm having some trouble the mode and so little right here. If you look at these period and it worked in the world war vet. I think then you did on the ball like but with that companies would write another nominee. Yeah happens and you did that with Michael should mean and yeah. Now it's Mike whose movie you just lost him. And just before you got here is about who was here. Our reminiscent of the world did told me stories about I wouldn't and I had no idea when eighty. In most movies take a couple of months this program the dual. It's like why and when you do when you're making a movie like that with somebody to Maine and him becomes and people think it's the worst thing I've ever seen. What have you. Hollywood you know it's harder it really hurts right in two years in your heart. All of that effort. It creativity that went into film. And have it you dusted like that lets you know the very. I'm very happy about its how it's received these days at a very different classic. But in that time. It was kind of Roman MTV was coming fast cutting them thing and this movie. Who leisurely pace you had to really enjoy that movie you've got to give to the directors. Please. But. While really it was a great. Window into those times. The you have so many things going on in your head that you did your an actor you're musician in. It was kind of interesting that you won an Oscar for creating art because it brought that other Alan. Like the use the colts since. You know who you walk the and so I'm sorry that my parents were around you know. When Oscar. Can. Because. You know I remember early on in my career. My dad was so good hope would be it to be an actor. Like music and Jeff don't be ridiculous is that you're you're gonna have opportunities. To bid musicians was so wonderful. These factors you get you know. Participate in all your interest like. Listen real news. May do you make that decision for yourself with it at a particular movie you were making it said. You know Latin. And yeah. It was just finished making a movie and kind of exhausted. You know and at that time I was me that your balloon to keep doing I admit it may be twelve movies. You know been nominated all that was in the past but I still was thinking maybe I will do so most of the rest of my life you know. And got a call from my agents and got great news John Frankenheimer one should be in the eyes and come. With for a group marched we Maher Robert Wise. I was like the American film you'll we're I think he's going to play before our apply. And I didn't kind of bush things just. And about a minute later the director just worked with LaMont Johnson movie hello customers hero he called via this. Actor turned it's great. Bush and mrs. bush is pure asked me if I'm wrong. Do little experiment. See it you know and just engage in this thing I didn't feel like do. That may be would be the final nail in the acting cough and you know to me. And it was really incredible experience from rehearsed for eight weeks. And shot the movie just do he's long Dayton's working with all these master. Actors. And I learned anything from one of the main thing is that they are just as anxious and fearful as you know that a budget especially great material you have the better the material he had huge orange and yet you do what you wanna do it justice you. And they were just as concerned as was among the reasons that I. Was not thinking about acting so much is the the anxiety. Issues. You know that flops flip in my going to be able hold off. And deceit that these old guys have this in this they have never goes away. It is you know you make friends with that it. I wanted to ask you before we end because I'd like your career is still mean I could go you know fabulous baker boys I have a special. Feeling her. But aren't there like two or three movies that you did that you felt never got seen that never got the Sheikh is now people can see anything. Yeah there's war use calls. The moguls. World so Hochul and you're kidding you saw that that's so great isn't everything Lori isn't that a funny movie it's great. Here might trigger wrote and directed and we have a distributor that turned out to be cruel or commitment it would never got the proper just can't believe it happens at college. So the amateurs. Oh got that question whatever it took one that I thought you leave me lap that was. Pretty funny and some great performances. But you few people's it was. The super cute would use. Use me as having had a screen yeah and we did it we showed everybody loved that. So it's just that low I want the door in the war. The door on the floor yeah who advocates of distributed. Now believe in thing about maybe doing sequel to that news this is this fake news. No okay this sequel to the Horizon League Edgerton says that guns. It is it's in an Internet hype I don't even if you want that look anywhere other movies. I think that the pub just the moguls comes to mind because. That was a new you don't aren't an it was a happy. That we had a great time. All right we always end happy. Always and saw. And I have a heart for you. You can't leave it open can't keep. The last time try to walk out with the project. Not expected to argue that it's like when the Greek. Occurred gentlemen. Who. The and that's when it yet. So. So well at somebody and you have to preclude you. Because yeah. Eight Arkansas. I could distribute them only. Moved. User. You know. You know. I've been moved back. I'm home. I'm gonna. Out of proving my work don't know we'll van booted around you can name alone. All we do do. Rule. I think I don't know. How do so for me. All. Are. I'm rooting. No wonder you would in the the proceeds. God that you just added New Orleans today and still there Hitler yet. I can't think always a pleasure it you know be all right your Oscar speech and oh yeah.

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