Jeff Daniels: From 'The Newsroom' to Music

Daniels Discusses 'Dumb & Dumber To", 'The Newsroom' And His Latest Music Endeavor
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for Jeff Daniels: From 'The Newsroom' to Music
She's a talented actor known for his roles ranging from dumb and dumber to the scored in the -- and most recently HBO's the newsroom. Jeff Daniels also writes and directs and now he's bringing his musical talents to the forefront join us today to talk all about it Jeff Daniels thank you so much for joining us that. Dramas comedies music. When you start playing guitar and writing music. The guitar kind of followed me to -- York city have moved here when I was 197 in 1976 to be an actor and so waiting for the phone to ring which is when an actor does for decades. I would play guitar and I would write and I was surrounded by playwrights at the time and I just kind of fell in love with the whole writing thing and so this was the guitar was a place to have. Kind of exercise that while I was also being an actor. You've got some very interesting titles with your music you've got William Shatner -- you can do that I can do it -- and also have a good life. And and I sure yes that's a road ready -- comedy banks not. All of them but I do know that you know when -- in dumb and dumber. That that there's an expectation of the audience to you know come and smiling thought he'd given that and I in. -- -- hopes of -- -- got songs. You know about road rage with which happened in Canada where -- guy was just unloading on me and I the only thing I could say was as they're trying to temper my road rage I was going. Have a good life and die in the news drove away. And so that I said that's a song. Are there are some similarities you mentioned dumb and dumber must give you lots of material are -- similarities between your character and also your music. In dumb and dumber as well as any of your care any that your brawl on all of that there's there have been. And so -- usually it's a phrase it's a phrase somebody. United Ryan Reynolds I did a movie with Ryan Reynolds was before Ryan was -- -- capital letters and -- -- -- -- -- And we were walking down the same hallway as they were set up a shot. And we got in -- one of those excuse me sorry excuse me and and we did that any goes. How about we take your pants off and relax and the just kept going and I just that Saddam didn't make it's that's a song that's the sort. There yeah -- look forward you're in Nazi enjoys sort of drawing on whenever life experience than radar is always always -- we can expect to sign him this -- I'm sure. Well Jeff you're no stranger to Broadway of course you're returning. To supper club here in New York City 54 below what can people expect. They expect -- I don't know what they expect. I think there have been a lot of actors -- gone out. Kind of after the fact after the careers kind of slowing down and suddenly there recording star musician. And -- sixteen member band behind them and all and I like. I just kind of grabbed the guitar and go alone you know like come migraine now -- right now I just happened happily. Sun don't shine and the rain will follow. -- -- the matter no matter at all lone member edging phone down. -- -- -- on the ground. Pitying grid and the bad they've spread and they -- -- in New York City. And dust on them. Now it's time to Nickels ended. Can make skill that commitment crash that ain't true in the posed a clear they're saying we need to Wear during -- -- -- -- Many anger and I am a bad name bread pan am -- moon New York City. Very -- Thank you for playing that for that so that's a little preview of what some people -- along with those comedic songs that you wrote. Going back though let's talk about -- -- a little bit with earns you an enemy now dead in -- -- third and final season give me an idea how hard. Is it to say -- that character. Com I love doing that. And personally wish we were doing it for many more years but. We -- it's a lot of work. For a lot of people me included but especially Aaron Sorkin. And you know once you get into television and series. No matter how good the Syria's series is eventually it does that and so this a shelf life on these things so. You know -- we're gonna end it. That we're gonna end it. Go on the upswing I think -- so I'm OK with that and and -- just open season three we just basically blow and a. At the very -- what was the biggest draw for you for that character I mean obviously played so many different types of characters over the years what was the draw for this. Obviously Aaron Sorkin has writing. Aaron Sorkin and HBO which is -- creative. So creative and and supports creative so well that that network. Those two things but the character was. Complicated. And Smart. And it was completely different from anything I've done before didn't quite know how to do it. Which is always a reason to take it. But Aaron and I kind of grabbed hands and jump off the cliff of this thing and -- and I'm really. Proud of what we did -- it especially that that speech the northwestern speech that we shot the pilot. That was I think that speech will outlive both Aaron Sorkin -- myself I think they'll be around long time. He really down again and going from that of course back to dumb and dumber it's been almost twenty years. Since fans of had a shot at that. Did you ever think. That there will be a sequel to this cult favorite now. -- we shot that thing in 94. Were both gone well you know fifteen year old boys are gonna think -- Citizen -- I get that but. We're not prepared for the year after year after year that the demographic just widened to like between eight -- And it crossed both political line I mean it was everybody may be some women are looking at a going -- -- really. But back pretty much there was became -- huge audience sort of so as we we were going. You're going well maybe we will do this sequel what now -- to hold how -- -- we turn to something like that. How do you return and you know did you have just as much fun with fairly Brothers. We did and I think -- Jim was and Jim guided Jim -- when Jim decided you know -- let's do a sequel. It's the one movie of mine and in mind that people keep coming up to -- -- let's do it and to stop on that train that triggered it and because we were all gone he Jimmy Jam but. But you know and he had to decide it was time and it was -- so we did it. So they worked for two years on the script. And we were. Happily. Not trying to be thirty or 35. We're middle -- and we're still that stupid so we did the actual first day of shooting I won the -- On Sunday night for the newsroom. Thank you very much what an honor. Sunday -- -- to -- Tuesday morning. Harry -- with Jim Carrey and in in on a movie said it was -- -- a welcome change for -- like doing that. I think is I think one of the things that makes it easy it was easy came right away I mean Jim and I were. -- to do is look at each other weavers we -- back. I think overall I think we all had done something stupid I think we -- universal I think we all. Would love to be that irresponsible that mindless. There's no stress and while we are sometimes we are so I think it's just kind of you know flip on the switch on that. -- on the IQ of eight. That I can have. That we all can have -- moments I just kind of spread it over a whole movie. Well I mean it looks effortless in some ways not to say that -- and dumber dumber but you said that though a lot when into the scripts. Was are also am proud -- only we we Jim would Jim you know you keep got a hang on because when he goes it's -- my job to kind of go with him -- kind of you know ride along because you want that you want -- period. -- -- And and and so we had a great time doing that. You know when you've got the first movie which is so beloved. I think third and colleges -- -- the that there are scenes that go -- here's something from the first one and then we go further with it. Here's another thing from the personally go further with -- so. My fears that we went too far -- too stupid that's very telling. Well wait and see for that in mind -- out a little bit more -- Let's say thank you very much just -- -- Mom. You were there and I was home. You were there -- You were there and funeral is right. They're very this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm done their very. -- reasons. -- -- My -- thing this time you'll lose your. And. Yeah.

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