'Jeff, Who Lives at Home' New Comedy Movie

Jason Segel and Ed Helms play brothers in a dysfunctional family.
3:00 | 03/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home' New Comedy Movie
-- Forces normal sized yours that's watch. Has worked out drugs. Think so they -- with the cars so. -- -- -- Okay everyone you have just seen a scene from Jeff who lives at home. You know -- Jason Segal and homes and their Brothers in this movie you can tea or maybe you can't help from the scene but anyway. I have and here. Wrong agency. So what the hell is she. What. -- Jeff I'm Jeff your path. -- your Brothers yes. It's -- Yeah yeah yeah that always is the seller. Yeah people love and accommodate them love and -- there's a lot like an editor and beautiful and you can. Have been about two Brothers. My brother's I guess against your column slacker but he has a real sense of destiny. There's something that he is is waiting for and until then he's happy just to wait. And brother has quite the opposite philosophy of life. And this is sort of the day where it all happens it's a slice of life where this is that they where we're -- presents itself. Not on call from India millennium -- we're getting -- -- you're just like in this mindset we don't have the money yet that's the mindset talking about. Bride's. Brother who is that it isn't -- even -- he bought the port right now. Who just you have a pat. Jeff is is Jason -- characters pat and -- and he's. He is not -- -- right that the good baton ever says that way but he's trapped by his own. Obsession and preoccupation with. With being cool with being successful and so he gets gets these symbols like he buys a portion and he has. Mid levels management jobs and there was job is but he wears a tie. He's trying desperately to be cool and he and he so clearly just barely hanging on to to -- fairly chaotic life. And they clash the Brothers clash and -- better people. -- -- it's also and uninteresting there's a theme thrumming through that I really like that. As you become older you don't have to be friends of your sibling. You know you're bound by blood and by living in the same household when your kid but once you're an adult you really have a choice. And I think part of the day that we spend together is do we actually wanna be friends and we have that choice we don't have to be and -- -- exploration to. But we both have Brothers. And obviously marketed plots are Brothers there is very brotherly you vibe you know on in making his -- And that just add to what -- said there is an EU you don't have to be friends with your siblings a lot of people -- friends with their siblings but. But -- you don't get -- pick who they are. And there in your life on where other. And this is a very poignant story because it's kind of the reckoning between two Brothers who really have. Got a part and are forced together. And forced to trying to reconcile. In today. Has sort of uplifting way you know we just dropped that it was the department's. Which changed and yes it is not. Yes. For some reason mark Inge hit that we -- good at those characters. They kind of like small story of just. A normal person addressed -- little -- -- yeah I mean puffy chair that he would Cyrus Altman's don't follow a kind of -- Doesn't make him the best and actors. For sure they give you this kind of silent unspoken -- where they just point the camera you and let it roll for forty minutes. And you kind of start to feel like well you claim -- an -- prove it. You feel like that's what's being sent a little bit and it's a great -- actually supposed which one -- it. And it's what -- fat or you can say there's no. It just bonded out came out of there. They seem to be comfortable as Brothers they are those guys -- remarkable because. They never. Presented did they did they never had there was no conflict on set and I I was expecting. -- Brothers academy at each other or even like. Kind of giving us different notes at different times are undermining one another even inadvertently it never happened. They -- very unite it -- the do plots. Front is just coming at you with like positive energy support and it was -- -- -- -- horrible essays on the other was like yeah. And they just support each other and then it's that's a -- five yard -- they do bring out. If that's something out of me that I'm really psyched about and didn't expert at the but not an act tore. I'm just a jackass that's what that's what I million dollars what I wanted to do it to me as being Jack could be it -- -- silly -- in an accident yes I well you get active it's up to audiences side but I like -- you act crowd. Not out -- who. I think it'd be competitive -- emotionally things.

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{"id":15932634,"title":"'Jeff, Who Lives at Home' New Comedy Movie ","duration":"3:00","description":"Jason Segel and Ed Helms play brothers in a dysfunctional family.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jeff-lives-home-comedy-movie-jason-segel-ed-helms-brothers-dysfunctional-family-entertainment-15932634","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}