Jeffrey Dean Morgan Works His 'Magic'

Morgan talks Miami and the mob for his new series "Magic City."
4:52 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for Jeffrey Dean Morgan Works His 'Magic'
Jeffrey dean Morgan may be best known for his role as -- -- -- Grey's Anatomy. That's all going to change at the premiere his new TV -- a period drama called magic city to -- is a luxury hotel owner who's in deep with a powerful mob boss. And -- finds himself having to make deals to keep his family safe and his hotel and business. What would take. We want progress and told us -- -- -- -- -- -- Here are. And Jeffrey dean Morgan is here now to fill us in all the excitement welcome thanks for being here thank you for having me this a pretty intense drama watched the first steps -- -- stepping in right away. Let's talk about the time period kind of set the stage little bit short -- its New Year's Eve 1958. -- in Miami very turbulent time but also. -- place to be right now there -- I think. At that time -- -- late fifties Miami Beach was sort of the jewel of what was happening. Certainly around here we -- the rat pack -- and you know the sort of glamour of that along with. You know little bit of mob going on but I think -- most institute interestingly happens in this New Year's Eve is is Castro -- is Batiste. And what happens that night is. Jamal makes -- decision because they've been kind of running casinos out of pavilion and make the decision to move their operations to Miami Beach and I play guy -- -- Evans who. Runs this hotel Miramar apply which is. And there's a lot of pressure for -- look we're walking this -- -- we don't let me give anything away but. You balance the pressure of running this luxury hotel among other factors Heidi keep it all together. -- they get is hard. What I love most about him was that I was -- -- man and I think you know his love for his family along with his passion for his hotel keep this guy going. You know on the surface he's very charming. And individual who's kind of when he moves like a shark through the hotel doing his business always got a smile on his face but -- you come to find out that he is indeed. In business with a monster named in the butcher diamond and I think probably that's where he made his first -- is going into business with a guy with the moniker of the butcher. This so -- that I think this thing than what I loved playing about a ms. years dealing with a guy who's a fairly man and his heart who is also trying to juggle. A really dark side and not letting other people in on it but hopefully I do my job as an actor and I get to bring the audience in on the stuff that the pressures that I has a longer. You can take a job -- what I've seen -- I think it's a let's talk about Miami a little bit because there's a big draw to Miami and there is a lot of appeal there and you told me that that's the best you've ever been dressed. It is well I think that time period of lent itself to that. Sent a hundred times you know one moment is going to be so thrilled us. That I'm wearing a suit in that every scene. But I think there that's certainly the wardrobe and and that the hotel that was -- them -- -- that we built. -- the detail in -- from that time period is it is. Beyond anything I've certainly ever had they'll do to work with them in just beautiful so. For me to -- -- walking -- -- right wardrobe and shoot actually in Miami Beach. I think -- was -- wonder -- opportunity. The son of the -- and -- -- says he calls this the most of filling a complete creative experience. Of my life who think he's not outlining what's it like -- them. -- Personally he's from my brother. The reason I am doing this show is is because of him and you know firstly he wrote every word of this the first season he wrote all in episodes and -- world he grew up in. His father is a matter of fact. Was an electrical engineering design. But the chandeliers of the film Bloomington Eden -- in the actual -- and we we have -- our set is the chandelier from the Eden -- in 1958. And Mitch -- to this you know -- -- -- chandelier in Kabul glisan in this. That's the one you know. On but these are experiences and knew he was. The pool boy at the -- -- as a kid in -- lot of this is you know -- world he grew up in stories he heard an experience and in. Other than that the greatest collaborator I've certainly ever worked with. Sounds great -- really great in congratulations because the shows are given renewed it now or its premiere -- so congratulations thank you thank you so much for being here and you for having me.

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{"id":15981701,"title":"Jeffrey Dean Morgan Works His 'Magic'","duration":"4:52","description":"Morgan talks Miami and the mob for his new series \"Magic City.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/jeffrey-dean-morgan-works-magic-men-new-series-miami-mob-entertainment-15981701","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}