Jenni Rivera: Banda Star Dead in Plane Crash

The Mexican-American singer was among seven passengers who died aboard the private plane.
2:02 | 12/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jenni Rivera: Banda Star Dead in Plane Crash
-- Rivera's family tonight confirming her death and speaking out saying this is the first such tragedy they've had to suffer as a family. Many of you might not be too familiar with Jenny Rivera but in Spanish circles. This Mexican American entertainer was wildly popular. The Spanish superstar was flying home from a concert early -- morning. When her private Learjet lost contact with air traffic controllers in Mexico. They're good about -- the short of that the highest everything you have an original model was great. This is believed to be one of her last tweets to her one point four million followers. Her voice -- taxi beautiful but she was -- gorgeous woman inside. And Alan Rivera -- Spanish -- and sold fifteen million albums worldwide. She was the first artist to sell to back to back concerts at the Nokia theatre in Los Angeles people you know love. Her for just being of real person and not this perfect. Hollywood starlet she was born Dolores Jenny Rivera of the 43 year old beauty had five children two grandchildren -- multiple marriages. Her personal life was not perfect in fact just last night she spoke about her decision to divorce husband number three. Former pitcher as they've on the -- An earlier marriage included domestic abuse. She lived her life from the open stage serenaded about -- and love starred in a reality show. Jenny Rivera also branched out to perfumes closing charities and her empire was growing. Recently signed to star in a new family comedy series for ABC. Tonight legions of fans are stunned by the silence. Very beautiful -- Guerrero you know very lovely voice is a sin. Of the seven onboard is reported there were two pilots a make up artist her publicist lawyer and of course Jenny Rivera. There were no survivors Mexican officials -- put the wreckage has now been found in the mountainous region of nueva Leone.

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{"id":17921555,"title":"Jenni Rivera: Banda Star Dead in Plane Crash","duration":"2:02","description":"The Mexican-American singer was among seven passengers who died aboard the private plane.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jenni-rivera-banda-star-dead-plane-crash-17921555","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}