Jennie Garth, Luke Perry Play Celebrity Lifeline

"90210" actress' friend must answer personal questions about her over the phone.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennie Garth, Luke Perry Play Celebrity Lifeline
on her life. Before you go. We have a new game. We're rolling it out today. Celebrity lifeline. We asked you questions before the show. We're going call a friend and ask them what your answers will be. It's like the newly wed game. Who is your celebrity lifeline? We're going luke perry. Yea. All right, we'll find out how well luke knows you. Luke, are you there? I am. We appreciate it. High, lukey. You're there promoting toothpaste. No. Do you have something to say? You have big teeth. Big, white teeth. You know what? He's like my best friend. He can get away with that. I do have big teeth. It's true. Look at them. Gorgeous. They're enormous. Luke, are you ready? Uh huh. What is jennie's favorite cocktail? Oh, cocktail. Jennie. Like an apple martini. An apple martini. Is he correct? No. A coconut mojito. That's very exotic. We need to drink together more. We got another one. Who of the cast took the longest in the makeup chair on "90210." Who would jennie say. As a joke, my answer is funny. So think funny. Oh, you mean, tell the truth? No, don't tell the truth. No, do. Okay, if jennie is going for funny, she picked jason. Oh, so close. Ian. Why is that funny? Because he didn't take any time. And he's a boy. Boys don't. All right, next up, jennie's biggest pet peeve is? Oh, this is a good one. Think of me. You're talking to him. Good answer. Yes, see. Um, jennie's pet peeve. Give him a clue. It has to do with pheromones. People that stink. Close. Close, no. People who don't let me smell their armpits. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What? Luke, we need explanation there. Please help us. I gotta go. No, I like to smell people. Well, I hear a great big crowd behind you. Laughing and applauding. So guys, line up. Get sniffing. Last question, it has nothing to do with -- what is jennie's middle name. That's on the internet. If you don't know my middle name, we're breaking up. Her name's eve. Eve. Oh, he knows it. oh, the big finish. Hey, thanks to luke perry there on the phone.

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{"id":16950684,"title":"Jennie Garth, Luke Perry Play Celebrity Lifeline","duration":"3:00","description":"\"90210\" actress' friend must answer personal questions about her over the phone.","url":"/GMA/video/jennie-garth-luke-perry-play-celebrity-lifeline-gaa-16950684","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}