Jennie Garth Stars in Nancy Grace Film, 'The Eleventh Victim'

Actress talks divorce, "90210" phenomenon and her new projects.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennie Garth Stars in Nancy Grace Film, 'The Eleventh Victim'
Hey mom we'll tell you raising three daughters it's hard work doing it in the public eye while also carrying on a very successful. TV and movie career is even harder. But Jenny -- -- here tell us all about. Her new project saying thank you so much for being with us today -- -- me tell not your new TV movie the eleventh victim. This isn't look. Actually picked on a book that Nancy Grace -- -- New York Times best seller. It's in the history it's dark and engaging. And it was really fun to its work with Nancy plan and that -- let them. A -- world peace sent India a fact and we had -- attending -- and -- and tell us about your role in it. I pray and Haley dean who is a character. Has. Some similarities. Nancy. Grace -- her lifetime says should -- what she knew to look strange and and she's -- strong woman's hand she -- from. Now. Asked aren't you last year it and you are very strong and when we know you may have been going through a public divorce has. -- yourself back into work been able. Help your family through it yeah I think that you know. Going back to you. Life as an -- you know I'm I'm an actress and I enjoy what I -- so I think that. Getting back to work at the path that I think and you obviously -- kids being a mother Mary is that you're also now. Working on a project with kids -- oral health he tells -- -- I can do things like that that kind of feel. This -- An opportunity today teamed up with crest and oral B and we -- sort of talking about the importance of instilling good habits in our kids. Kids get a rush Hannity today at the heart of the Aaron they but it really you know what I'm kind of my message is that it's up to that as parents to -- -- -- important things in life back to take care of itself so -- this is just one of those things and it really does start with healthy. Teeth and -- and healthy mouth really can affect. The rest of your overall health as well these -- trick to getting them to back the case. -- -- me we -- turn uneasy me it -- exciting incident and when their younger title games with them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My kids and -- like that night check they spent the front be out and it's that now on the front would come out -- -- I love that about it yet now you know you've done so much but still -- everyone. Recognize you from 9021. This surprise you. The lasting impact and it's not because I mean. I think that the people that grew up watching this that decade to collect those people -- there's something about an area soil like let's that he. What -- call them but. Follow me here at me but that. I am passionately and it's amazing and they continue and made it behind and a night we have really amazing plans and great -- Islam you have to count among them to any gardening isn't much for having -- asking me about them.

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{"id":16962062,"title":"Jennie Garth Stars in Nancy Grace Film, 'The Eleventh Victim'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress talks divorce, \"90210\" phenomenon and her new projects.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jennie-garth-stars-nancy-grace-film-eleventh-victim-16962062","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}