Jennifer Lopez's On-Stage Break Down

J. Lo breaks into tears, runs off-stage, during song about love.
1:00 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez's On-Stage Break Down
Prairie jail back in minutiae the concert Saturday night as you say in this if you had my love what you told the crowd was the first -- -- ever. I'm wrote about love -- and apparently. After his sentencing became very very emotional kind of ran off the stage -- apparently according to radar whole life but get this of the veto -- -- -- -- and doing this all. She had kind of look alikes in dancers in the spotlight behind her and -- -- the one that looked like Puff Daddy -- -- looked like Chris junk whatever like Ben Affleck another album like. Marc Anthony so I'm just saying He was -- -- -- reflected -- -- all her. Past loves it all the same -- -- over the suffering that she's an actress as well maybe you should just trying to get a little sympathy a little. We are I don't know that's pretty dramatic -- why would you have sort of like. The redux of all of your relationships out there in -- dramatic theatrical effect He is an -- now. Bradley -- -- -- -- he'll be the fifth -- statement by the time He goes on tour get on the same yet a little skeptical about it.

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{"id":14802154,"title":"Jennifer Lopez's On-Stage Break Down","duration":"1:00","description":"J. Lo breaks into tears, runs off-stage, during song about love.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jennifer-lopezs-stage-break-14802154","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}