Jeremy Sisto Goes from 'Suburgatory' to the Race Car Track

The actor is nervous about signing up for the 2013 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race.
4:03 | 04/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jeremy Sisto Goes from 'Suburgatory' to the Race Car Track
He plays a single -- on ABC's hit series of purgatory who moves his teenage daughter out of their New York City apartment to a health in the -- The comedy highlights their constant adjustment to their new environment here's a clip. -- -- you can go over this -- take -- -- school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you Watson's privileged. And anxiety out and at any and. That's that's lower -- or. -- -- -- How well these terrorists fertilized so they're just and a normal part of Britain's menstrual. -- -- -- Buddies stop and please welcome -- says -- -- so much for being with us today. Congratulations on your second season of his show you how the going to -- don't -- It's going to it's been it's been an interest in season different in the first. George has promised his daughters but he's not gonna get your business anymore and he's he's stayed true to -- so a lot of my. There's been my relationship a new relationship with -- the really the queen of the super violence. Right there -- high and he character -- that relationship LA. Well it was convinces us -- was -- -- last year and to the who's playing opponents that we would. This would be at the right thing to do in -- -- it's it's the same way about halfway through really mean is this believable. But I think -- -- true to the characters to and they were there -- figuring out. Like. -- you know through the first year relationship there's there's you know people might. Just bail and importance of this -- insecurity that -- with. And I think I think Georgian and Dallas and really new ground with each other than never dated anyone like each other so. Nothing Rebecca Kelly are you having fun being in a comedy mean most of your fans -- you from darker roles. Is this -- -- is it is fluent. Minutes it took some good news to its slate of muscle where especially my -- gave was law and order and them. There you're like I always -- monitor myself and make sure I wasn't. Doing too much in the way of apply and this one do stuff. Where mine in Iran -- would -- merely to doing too much. And I kept coming remind myself that's -- this job you really just push it sometimes it's. You know some -- is gonna feel ridiculous and and and -- -- you try to make it as motivated as possible but it's. It's you know Pennsylvania motivation your data in real life that does that help play -- dad. Honsberger doesn't and I mean you're you know I love you. For a -- incidents -- -- community concern and it's something that. You know you you probably don't fully understand and -- is why has it right and I wanna be that actors like you continue understandably you have. -- but it definitely helped as far as just having. You know having lived there grown home and then going to work and really easily being able to transfer that those feelings of this this is -- -- just being excited about. The baby girl growing up in the reporters. -- exciting to watch anything I think -- I know you and your fans are going to be excited to hear about your signs gig as a race car driver of you got -- -- -- them yeah. They do this it's not like a -- -- pursued its just this Toyota celebrity race thing they -- have been doing like fifty years and I don't know is just a great expense I signed up and it's -- click wheel race. Are you a little scared I don't live on Monday in I have a competitive and so on foreign in my room when people -- crowd million I don't know where we can't wait and they won't watch for sure how -- Luxembourg are very Jeremy sister thank you so much. And don't forget the show is a Bergen -- it airs on ABC Wednesdays at 9:30 eastern be sure to check it out.

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{"id":18874933,"title":"Jeremy Sisto Goes from 'Suburgatory' to the Race Car Track","duration":"4:03","description":"The actor is nervous about signing up for the 2013 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jeremy-sisto-suburgatory-race-car-track-18874933","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}