Jessica Alba's Line of Eco-Friendly Baby Products

The star & mom talks about co-creating The Honest Company
3:00 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jessica Alba's Line of Eco-Friendly Baby Products
She's one of Hollywood's most Indian -- and beautiful actresses. But protect the Powell not motherhood is -- most important role -- taking one step further and co founding the honest company -- it's safe affordable and environmentally friendly and the product. And we are thrilled to have her here I kept -- -- and he hasn't tell us about your company aims is quite an endeavor are. Isn't totally un aids its actually been three years in the making. When I was pregnant. With honor. I me had this sort of like crazy -- -- moment. Where I was like. Wait my world is going to be turned upside down completely -- and I think my child is now the most important thing in the world and I want to create the safest. Best environment for her to thrive and and -- I. You know did a lot of research and you know two he -- proof your clothing in the best receiving -- the pastoral -- and do all these things. And then I read this book healthy child healthy world I -- -- my yeah and I realize that in being snapped up in doing mixers that there's so many. -- tested. Toxic chemicals and everyday products products they I grew up fine -- you know you -- verifying the singer finding is when you. Arab you know they sell them on and then you know that it. He also. Like how not all and then from that moment to create -- -- line. I mean that's quite adjourned. It is Friday journey so I. So I was you know frustrating and it's like -- companies. And it's eaten into. It and I now like Eric color me and -- and it is. Happening higher light. Diapers. And an -- -- And it's now -- thinking that this concept. That actually that the -- -- -- Why it's possible personal asked if this company existed -- -- and now. I do anything is possible to keep body -- act. And -- mean products. And -- and sites and news like. Yes he's a lot of moving parts and it's in it's complicated but you absolutely do so. -- new partner -- means we partner fleshed out the constant even further pitched it to the -- credence. To the Eagles and me. He currently the business model. And sent. And Aaron isn't the main thing look what about your papers yes I -- -- act. It often is and you know you know -- it TU creative. It custom. And especially for certain just -- And me as a mom I in light sweet he means and like how did -- They're really -- -- he does gains. And you design and yourself yeah -- IRA can -- -- Eaton obviously hired opera. And and I I did continue. And test tongues and these are -- designs it three boys and his partner. -- they have all of those -- some chemicals and now toxic. And then your emotions are -- Yes. And everything is just. Yet clean it well. AB at -- it is. Actually. In and yet everything is free even -- -- I think my -- and which is my -- -- it is higher and by acts. It is -- in -- it is she doesn't agree. Years like literally. A matter. And stinging expert and now you are the -- -- Q how does that change your life and once it's. Then literally no. Link at the finish. Line. And past -- -- and we eat me eat -- and I mean look meaning. -- I think -- reeling as much me during pregnancy. Was -- definitely helped. Me just your -- -- eight. The air and I did exercise. One -- And afterwards. And they are rallying at the pump and -- -- you cannot have -- -- That's great so what is next for you are you thinking perhaps. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know you know. I -- I literally been focused on this and I was pregnant. And I'm excited to get back to -- we'll seeing. What's on the horizon do you think -- -- differently now -- your mom to consider that aspect. I ain't ditto I -- it's more about the time that it would take to shoot -- and where it cheating and conservative. And it's more about the time commitment and I think. Wanting to be found at Kansas went to -- -- -- Jessica thank you so much for bringing your products things are great people and again it's called the honest company and you can find more information about it at honest the dot com.

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{"id":15380065,"title":"Jessica Alba's Line of Eco-Friendly Baby Products","duration":"3:00","description":"The star & mom talks about co-creating The Honest Company ","url":"/Entertainment/video/jessica-albas-line-eco-friendly-baby-products-15380065","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}