Ha! Funniest Videos of the Year

Jimmy Kimmel honors the "Clip of the Year" for 2011.
3:42 | 12/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ha! Funniest Videos of the Year
At the end of the year we like to take time to look back at some of our favorites we select the best of the best. Each of the -- you're about to see are worthy of the award for clip of the year but only one can be the winner by presenting now. This year's nominees. For 2011. Clip of the year. Do my taxes. Me I -- -- -- until -- especially that peanut butter cups. Yeah. Free reign of the house they even take fast and brush their teeth aren't they. -- Okay. Good. Our nominees ladies and gentlemen the Quinlan the year for 2011. Is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Five million people -- that I need to have a much of that is because of those adorable young boys TJ Jake. And here now live via Skype to accept their award from their home in Medford New York CJ. Take their mother. Very very handsome she JJ didn't -- and -- have an. Idea what's going on right now. Now thank. You won an award. Had never won an award before. -- are they. Is there anyone you like to thank your agency academy maybe. -- group. I yeah. There's your award it got so did pretty cool for show and tell tomorrow I'd say hey what do you guys want for Christmas and he decided yet. We don't -- -- won't Christians. Tune in. -- for. -- first. -- they don't make those anymore. Now I'm just kidding I'm -- Congratulations guys keep making video.

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{"id":15160604,"title":"Ha! Funniest Videos of the Year","duration":"3:42","description":"Jimmy Kimmel honors the \"Clip of the Year\" for 2011.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jimmy-kimmel-funniest-videos-of-the-year-15160604","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}