John Belushi Dead: March 5, 1982

Chateau Marmont security guard talks about finding the actor's body.
1:36 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for John Belushi Dead: March 5, 1982
So when we did get to whom I can tell him he and left among a little bit too long. So he was of -- We did kitchen would make you think it was a detective it's important. Well he is just such a heavy hand and then his heart and -- -- -- moments when I think. There was no evidence of anything else to -- Lipton he was he was still warm so. He -- station that very thing. You know so we're just trying to -- -- -- What happens I got called out from the destined to find out what was going on Hampshire -- of -- and and I came up and his friend was already here. So what we have to do something that's and we started mouth to -- -- Because. I said he had this probably -- gone anywhere between Todd. And then I got paramedics. Checked them out -- -- That's done. He had he had somewhat slim because he was on his back and in there was no one to really helping in bringing around. When it did have heart failure to -- just when she likes and his -- I cleared his tongue. But he had choked on his tongue action that we know that our -- our doctor. No I I would know that sir I don't -- -- -- distribute sensitive -- You know drugs at all and I have no idea on them. And let him -- this far as the man's life goes away he doesn't jokes or whatever we expect it would be.

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{"duration":"1:36","description":"Chateau Marmont security guard talks about finding the actor's body.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15835326","title":"John Belushi Dead: March 5, 1982","url":"/Entertainment/video/john-belushi-dead-march-5-1982-15835326"}