Nick Jonas On Broadway

Nick Jonas Talks About His Role in "How To Succeed In Business."
3:12 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Nick Jonas On Broadway
You might say -- jones' latest project is -- -- -- fitting one for and he is now starring on Broadway and how to succeed in business without really trying. Jonas of course -- was a little something about success he sold millions of records as part of the Jonas Brothers and of course on his own not to shabby there. Nick joins us now to talk more about his latest venture nick how are you today. -- and -- -- on doing well thank you got me pretty pretty excited about this be part of this musical that's this -- getting rave reviews. Saleh it's been an thrill so far and I've only been -- -- -- -- But it's it's an incredible show American classic and and one that I love her long time starting with the revenue wars film -- from 1967 and you know tinted to have this Broadway revival comes -- and then I -- partisans of real blessing. And it's you know it's a real push -- -- -- that sometimes -- a lot of pressure put -- when you're making these revivals -- you're -- to be able -- kind of captured the character where we first saw them. You know -- -- cryptic debt Darren -- as well they had a huge publicity and a lot of big -- on that did you feel any kind of hesitation when you took on this role that you know are you gonna get that same kind of reception. Now they have been there is a little bit of pressure and things like that but -- -- good pressure the kind that. Kind of pushes me to give the best performance I can't overnight and I'm Sony amazing actors who play the role and and sort of be up there with them and there was it's take on the scroll tensions. Do the best I can and it is thrilling opportunity and one that I'm really looking forward to doing. I've always been curious when they do -- -- -- they offer words of advice anything like that look out for you just kind of coming there to start from ground zero. You know actually did speak to Daniel and he gave me some -- device about the -- some things he learned about it and and Communists and things that -- -- were helpful for him in the process and -- actually canceled the show last Sunday as. Had some great thanks a staff -- when I saw him and and so you know he's an amazing guy would it was a really great heart and then obviously was the sound credible on patrol -- So I'm thrilled it's have been able to speak to him and and can have assumption -- -- Michelle. Now aside from the great white way we obviously had tremendous success in the music world with and on -- -- also with your Brothers you know anything new in the works and that we should be looking out for. You know that this show right now as the main post man I was part of this show -- bishop of smashed that's coming out. I'm very exciting. -- I have to open and -- Houston Debra Messing and and -- -- is an incredible things can -- organization -- of the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- Next week actually had a -- starts in my episode is think the fourth -- around there. So it -- -- that's another setting project and then also just you know I think my Brothers and I will get back together at some point continue to write record and police music for offense. Don't we exactly the only defense I got to ask before you got and how long as the run for how to -- in business. The -- now scheduled for six months -- and six months and I would love prevalent come out and and see this show it's -- -- you really shouldn't mess. I think with an invitation -- giving a lot of fans out there Nick Jonas best of luck to you thanks for joining us today. Thank you very much.

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{"id":15501382,"title":"Nick Jonas On Broadway ","duration":"3:12","description":"Nick Jonas Talks About His Role in \"How To Succeed In Business.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/jonas-nick-broadway-business-succeed-musical-hollywood-15501382","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}