Jordan Peele's connection to the Obamas

Peele channels President Obama and discusses crossing paths with Malia Obama.
1:42 | 02/21/17

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Transcript for Jordan Peele's connection to the Obamas
I have to mention old today is. Earlier today is presidents I did two did make myself aware that sell clearly. The light this is a day that we honor our president I'm not that means it. I. So honor our president I you know it would be remiss if I did it adds I don't know how you feel about it. But I think we're all getting that like separation anxiety. Around American I think these are marlin. There were real quick I don't think. In burial still here. I think eruption. And that the improve their. I'm I guarantee you. More or organ we're gonna make it out Okur. Least that's what I tell myself at night don't believe it myself but you should. Progress is is and always straight line. You know. What you Michelle an upset like you like Sally Beauty pigeons fingers though I'm bothered by everything. I won't tell. Moon. Michelle and I challenge where I'm fallen I'm trying to I'm trying to get away. A certain point here. Analyst removes. Removes tough. And Obey him Graham president. Soon. Dumb bombs and then will tough it. I'm you know. PM today I'll still be here for you I just might be in a wetsuit. In the middle Pacific. There are enormous. Interview over or over satellite phone.

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{"id":45643871,"title":"Jordan Peele's connection to the Obamas","duration":"1:42","description":"Peele channels President Obama and discusses crossing paths with Malia Obama.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jordan-peeles-connection-obamas-45643871","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}