Josh Duhamel on Baby Axl Crawling and Talking Back

Josh Duhamel talks fatherhood and volunteering.
4:38 | 04/11/14

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Transcript for Josh Duhamel on Baby Axl Crawling and Talking Back
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Travels the world -- an active volunteer putting action behind his words we're glad to have just not here with the -- thanks for being here and before we get into this big initiative that you're helping lead national volunteer week when asked about your friendly -- that you -- -- great. Little man is. -- seven and -- half months old now. And doing everything a little guy that -- -- supposed to I -- started around so cute. Just learn how to crawl and talkback which is to be expected words where his -- -- -- right now. I like mommy better about it here. Riordan does not speaking really early. So while Fergie just celebrated a birthday as well and -- posted a special birthday message on -- Graham was caught a lot of people's attention looking. That there was an acerbic comments online women just swooning over Axel. How we are you adjusting to -- how do you like. You know it's one of those things that always dreamt of and it's and it's it's better than you know. You can imagine I think that any parent who's gone through -- understands that so. You know we're just shoes we're trying to take it all and you know -- grow up. Incredibly she seems like yesterday he was -- -- little -- now here is on the verge of walking. Let's talk about -- today your spokesperson for Advil and you're using that as a way to help people you're promoting. This campaign relief in action reckless about that what does that. Well relief and action is just something that Advil. Has been doing for lost -- couple years. And and in this is really about encouraging people to get out into the communities and volunteer. Something that. I feel very strongly about it's something. Especially over the last several years something ever made it an important part of my life I think it might be because of all of you know we we feel very blessed in it is awaiting kind of give back and it was a way to. Get my hands dirty I guess a little bit rather than just put on -- -- go to events -- wanted to actually do something and that deals relief action is is really about getting people two. To participate in the community and we're hoping that people go to the -- FaceBook page and pledged to. Pledged participate volunteers. And so that's that's -- -- -- for today so how does it work I mean there's just the program connect people with. Volunteer projects are what what does -- do well they have there's almost a hundred places that the that I -- the relief mobile is going to it's the they're stopping at all these different spots around the country people can go on site on the web page and and final the local spots that they can go to and have given opportunity whether it's disaster relief for cleaning up -- -- who whatever may be. We'll just give people an opportunity because I found that over the last couple years. Not only is it a good thing to be apart of but it actually. Empowers you as a person and it makes you feel pretty good about yourself in the -- did you have any kind of volunteer experience growing up for recently that sort of was inspirational for needed to take on -- -- my -- was. And my dad really were real advocates what volunteering in and getting out and do whenever they couldn't. As a kid you like do that all right -- but as I got older and as a sort -- organizing some events. Raising money for -- -- and when Japan got hit with this nominee and then more recently in my home town was flooded really badly and it was Chester. Kind of bring people together and we could've done all that without help all these volunteers. So what's been the response so far this is relief in action just remind people -- I give us a sense of what you've been here -- former husband -- It's been going great you know they'd do it right the people that -- -- really have been you know. Responses. And organized about. Setting this all up and and really. Really actively getting people come out and and and sign up and pledge to go out and do something and -- -- -- trying to -- days to get as many people. Interest it in his again and -- volunteer wherever you can. Well we hope it takes off relief and action check it out online Josh you know -- -- --

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{"id":23296157,"title":"Josh Duhamel on Baby Axl Crawling and Talking Back","duration":"4:38","description":"Josh Duhamel talks fatherhood and volunteering.","url":"/Entertainment/video/josh-duhamel-baby-axk-crawling-talking-back-23296157","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}