Josh Turner Releases New Album, 'Punching Bag'

The country singer talks about his new music and his American Idol connection.
5:01 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Turner Releases New Album, 'Punching Bag'
He's an American idols idol Josh turner has been turning -- country music hits for nearly a decade but in the past year he has gained even greater fame with stockbrokers sing -- songs. On American Idol -- this week you're coming out with your first video and -- your fifth album so of course we're very happy to be here big congratulations to you. The album's called punching bag with the -- bridge. By the title on that. Was and one of those. -- days that we all have where everything goes wrong and there are things bullet in your place and came home of the into the and I'm standing in the -- with -- laugh and and -- -- discount on -- -- her vote Monday in -- just told -- you know just -- the question just feel -- laugh as being -- and and when asked that it is just struck me in a fun way in question in the -- phone and and slave differ in a later date and when -- with mobility -- McLaughlin. We sit down and wrote the song and but the based on the concept of oh you know everybody has those days where they feel like -- and and and and the the real. Inspiring part of it to me is the fact that it. You know -- -- -- is not something that's gonna put you back Brian you know but it's something that's going to be able to take your hits is going to be be able to endure those punches that aloft through that you. And so that the it was just basically kind of you know so this -- like the country the tiger by -- we. OK -- -- very -- this kind of cross genre that. So the first video that's out that is called time -- level want to look at that -- And yeah. -- Yeah. This. It's. Don't own spin them. But so you you know your last album most successful if you've had so far. On it is that add more pressure than when you get back in the studio then you've gotta kinda up the -- on the next -- coming now. The you know I don't pay attention to most of the commercial side of it you know when it comes to -- -- a record that I'm always France's. You know make a better record than I'm made -- time always trying to -- better solve them always trying to sign them. Better -- did before. And you know that gets to be pretty Jones and at times and then you know -- -- there sometimes -- okay. You know I'm pushing Altidore wanted to give in just kind of you know relax and then just do what I do what I do best and in -- is there's governor have been flow there. That means you're dyed in the -- countrymen -- a popular would ever call you crossover artist but when -- workers saying your song a lot of people were turned on to your music. You performed with him what was animated that kind of open up maybe some new -- -- pitchers -- in future. Yeah you know -- there was -- from David and -- -- Prius in. Something that at -- Ramallah as a boy in and and then entered the news younger is this thing in my songs right rather -- he did you know -- give you -- heads up at a time no really it was a complete the -- you know the -- rather watch American -- but it has so many people's enemy -- messages news ago on her singing your songs and and oh look at the news -- Slinger for a week or two in the navy Gomes that the into the win in the -- playing in. This booming noise now you -- -- -- compared to Randy Travis is what you've had -- -- -- work with him but I mean you think at this point your career obviously ten years into it. Huge success story -- -- -- you think you've been able to identify away from from what -- initially might have put you have Randy Travis kind of category. Well the thing that -- learn from Randy and then all of my hero loses you know that the one thing that they really told me with how to be -- turner and you know that that's one thing -- -- always struck of the you know a riddle lands that of the issues that in you just need to be yourself that Zoran or or don't try to be -- -- -- -- -- being yourself. One -- where his -- eyewitness you know and so especially when you're gonna lower pressured in analogue critique. In his it's just important to be yourself and -- which they'll ladies love you -- on the road and on. -- online. You've got quite a female following the little heartbroken that you got your wife on tour with you up on stage dwellers there you know whether they're still plans in on their understanding up like that's part of the appeal loses this you know love effective. Faithful -- in the them -- and and then everything -- -- -- a lot of -- country music you know and -- -- and -- excellent show for people. No matter -- they Oren and slew you know looks like this we must live keeps you grounded keep you grounded Josh Turner's continued success -- -- the album is called punching back. Out early this summer hit Lou thank you.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"The country singer talks about his new music and his American Idol connection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15962330","title":"Josh Turner Releases New Album, 'Punching Bag'","url":"/Entertainment/video/josh-turner-releases-album-punching-bag-15962330"}