Behar to Kirk Cameron: 'Shut Up'

"The View" co-host gets fired up about the actor's comments about gays.
2:54 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behar to Kirk Cameron: 'Shut Up'
Growing pains Stein devout Christian Kirk Cameron -- has his co stars speaking out after he made these statements on piers Morgan take a look. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that it's. It's it's it's it's unnatural I think that it's it's it's detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many. Of the foundations of civilization to what do you do -- -- six Kate says. Dad -- needs some day when -- say. You know there's there's all sorts of issues that we need to Russell -- and -- I think just because you feel one way doesn't mean we should act and everything that we feel. You know might look at these people who -- home phones to stop watching -- we don't think. You don't why -- you don't do it fine. -- I have to speak out against people who had just living their lives the way advance I would want to come here. I don't -- -- -- my wall behind tiger beat magazine blowing up okay like everywhere. I'm I'm I'm also question I don't agree with -- at all OK I have a very different. I do believe that the beauty of the nation that he upon being starved its free will stand up I think people. Are busy sex and all the time and it does not have to -- The parent isn't anything that you talking about people what trying to live their lives -- the wind not honoring. -- -- priests are just between you agreement that clarify free speech let him say it I'm just saying it's destructive yeah. I. -- what happens when somebody like her camera. Are you really surprised that he would say that he came out with a left behind series I mean it's it's and I think when you say he says that all the time is because people ask him all the time and when they asked him he you can tell when he hesitated that was probably not something he was not a conflict -- states but piers Morgan -- -- -- that I think you know. Mr. -- knew what he was asking and and I think -- every right to ask -- -- -- that it would create and it's the same kind of discussion in a way. That we will have a about Rush Limbaugh and about Patricia Heaton Rush Limbaugh but -- haven't -- a -- And that is that that if you have an unpopular opinion. And you express it because somebody asked you about it. You have the right to have another Kenyan brother William Graham not a lot of the understood that I think piano sits stopped Swedish. Their opinions because -- way to get -- Some call somebody up use a top member the telephone. You just Alabama and -- because as soon as you tweet something if anything it's out there and pleading because you wouldn't want them. And you cannot be surprised when it comes back up -- -- -- you know why say only that they do tweet hey you -- yeah.

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{"id":15858052,"title":"Behar to Kirk Cameron: 'Shut Up'","duration":"2:54","description":"\"The View\" co-host gets fired up about the actor's comments about gays.","url":"/Entertainment/video/joy-behar-kirk-cameron-shut-anti-gay-marriage-15858052","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}