Joy Behar Talks to Nancy Pelosi, Delegates at DNC

"The View" co-host visited the Democratic National Convention.
4:52 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Joy Behar Talks to Nancy Pelosi, Delegates at DNC
I yesterday. Still cracking. Then it's a really avid in this that kicking my behind because I didn't got it back to that you didn't doubt but I I actually was working but yes they'd seen that the DNC. And Hughes what happened to draw. Angela. We arts arts. That could dissuade yeah. From knowing that I want to salute to be in charge of our future are you heard it here from a Miami delegate I came here are burning and I still support Ernie. But I'm a Democrat and I'm there or Democrat so I you Hillary supporters. Are you going to vote for Clinton and Hillary I will. Well I you gotta take. Fine I am right now. One word to describe Hillary and then one word to describe drop. Effective. Trump and he is preposterous. Trump. Has no understanding. Point policy. He doesn't yet you know have been allies he doesn't understand that utterances from the president of the United States could cause a world war. At I want to tell you it's scary. Donald Trump has now spoken to him Vladimir Putin's. And said. Said to have potent and the Russians need to hack into the DNC's emails well I don't know who spoke with the food and personally down but he spoke out two and now in a manner that it won't. A Democrat ever did at the Republicans would accuse us of treason the fact is and what he did is a treasonous act. The fact that you know it's been a longtime city Ratner president. But you still rock star. Everybody wants to take you away from me especially your wife is my bride she's she's the rocks and it's his bride I have to give them up divide that governor nice to see him. About Joseph Biden pick. I love him the other sexy man if I can't wait for speech I I'm told he wrote his entire speech unused breast lights tonight you. I'm not saying Joseph Biden's people are incredibly white but what I heard they're voting for trump and the popped up. Our talents so you know who just spoke at the convention that was impressive they use bottled last night may be crying. First woman to be. Running for president four major party handed. Sit there lobster rolls they had lobster or chicken. Triumph however when so good around. I think Chris Christie is actually buying for a very important position in the from the ministry. Yes which is flat what some people think attorney general but I think he's actually going to be the wall. He's going to be the entire a lot of. No presidential candidate has refused to release. His own parent tax returns and heat seems to get away with that he gets away with that he gets away with calling people names what. Is going to stop this guy. In in fairness to your viewers this seems to be slanted. And it should act act act act yes it is is this something good you would like to say about Tom. That's up one at a. Don't know. It's not was a line that made me give freedom to. You know. You now live I'd like to be able to say good things about people I do. Whether it be fair there's nothing I like about. Host a triumph in January out. It was funny it's. And that white did plant more tomorrow on they have more. When I talked to a lot of people on time he now admits it Pelosi was interesting you know I think the show tomorrow shake I set to pay you know. What's going to she says you know every time trump opens his mouth he's saying something to this event he's saying to the American people. Help me don't elect me. I can't do it and I need yelling helped his me yeah. Craig is all our notes and he has he's at a conditional.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"\"The View\" co-host visited the Democratic National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40961669","title":"Joy Behar Talks to Nancy Pelosi, Delegates at DNC","url":"/Entertainment/video/joy-behar-talks-nancy-pelosi-delegates-dnc-40961669"}