J.R. Martinez' Surprising New Year's Resolution

Iraq vet, "Dancing With the Stars" champ explains his "bucket list."
2:10 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for J.R. Martinez' Surprising New Year's Resolution
If you had to you envision one moment from 2011. What would it be what flashes into your head without even having to think about it. You're thinking I am thinking. I would have to say you know probably you know. You'd be getting the call it is being told you know an ambulance season thirteen dance with the stars. I -- I laughed I smiled. And I -- panic I didn't panic I let Lee didn't panic because -- not thought to myself. I'm Latin -- have some red it was a kind of -- to my advantage is that we'll see it like we did it. I was is overwhelmingly excited. Because I -- -- What is your New Year's resolution. That's a good question I think the biggest thing is to really. This is to continue to be patient with life you know sometimes I even get impatient to be -- and -- just really go after every opportunity that's out there. You've got this tremendous celebrity now a lot of people really. Love you what do you do with that -- put it to good use this new -- celebrity. Well. You know for Stan had been Ingraham marks and is -- some. I've been working apparently now the knife he can rest network and -- -- elbow wrist it is noted. There it is okay there is that -- I do it is that you Watson state. -- if that's right but I want to tell the story beyond. So I'm actually working right. -- Michael's story and no way. Develop need to be that strong person that was it wouldn't -- to overcome injury. In you know I wanna continue acting. It's definitely something that I've gotten about four and when it's heated. -- -- missiles and loved and speaking be impacted in that you have on people. And the rewards you get back immediately. So politically things that you know but -- mrs.

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{"id":15148935,"title":"J.R. Martinez' Surprising New Year's Resolution","duration":"2:10","description":"Iraq vet, \"Dancing With the Stars\" champ explains his \"bucket list.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/jr-martinez-15148935","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}