JR'S Perfect 10s on 'DWTS'

Amy Palmer talks "DWTS" hits and misses and other celebrity headlines.
5:14 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for JR'S Perfect 10s on 'DWTS'
Time now how to get you caught up on all your celebrity headlines we're here with Amy Palmer pure allowed dot com Amy they can see you thanks for being here thanks for having -- -- -- let's talk a little Dancing With The Stars we got our first. Perfect score isn't -- very exciting. -- -- I mean JR east is Kelly at the CNN and not only is he amazing on the dance floor. He's attitude is -- infections -- at the entire room is -- for them and I know that. Everyone in the audience at home is also -- and if you go on Twitter you're gonna see people we're just so behind him so behind his and I. I as much about eleven Ricki Lake I kind of and her and then I mean -- thinking when he finished the routine so cute you could tell he was. So happy he thought he'd nailed it with teen dead and you can see -- lot of work in fat and that's what I love about him he is not relieved that. You have seen about -- celebrity now he really is like if you or I were -- -- -- that we feel really excited and I think that. Kind of his every man feel it's really engaging and people are absolutely anything and it and -- move I think super talented and -- -- -- didn't -- but how perfect you also that attack was exciting for her as well will regulate I don't -- had -- -- night last -- -- -- -- her second dance wasn't -- -- and this is somebody who we've seen kind of you know take the ballroom by storm. So every week isn't going to be perfect and I think we saw a little bit of that competitiveness. -- Maybe her thinking you know what -- BA don't lockdown right so that was interesting to watch but of course is an amazing dancer and maybe some personal things that he's really working hard definitely. Putting a lot of effort -- -- interesting to see who. Because they are kind of in the got a patent. Dancers that people will rally behind have been passing seasons and it really get all the -- and support our I would think was the most in -- okay Hope Solo and Max I thought really it came out -- -- -- I thought he could -- in that -- in their dance that they had bonded you know that they should look -- behind the scenes where. Max apologize -- you know I'm sorry and that -- not believe he knew it yet a couple of funny moments there and I think it really translated the dance floor. She looks you Greg Meyer -- Eminent. And that. Not only did you know the audience love it but land lancry. After her at this -- right here and was just saying. This isn't easy he knocked it out of the park and look look at her there. Few. Days he's finally -- Potential and showing us she can be. Sexy and athletic and the hope that we kind of -- me for and I know that Max is excited about two adding that now in the name -- -- last night you know I have to say Nancy Grace really she has been on the show -- -- -- anyone had expected maybe it's her fan voting for her. But she didn't do so well even -- man that I think this might be the last dance sorry I have great effort by. Enough is enough when you look at her and you compare her to you everyone else it's just she's just not there isn't anything on the hung on them on like -- to testament to her popularity absolutely accurate about that -- a little bit and talk about. The trial of Conrad Murray a jury found him guilty of me. Plot and yes and now there isn't behind the scenes documentary that. And this documentaries done it was brilliant production timing the company's parties putting together -- -- they're saying. Let's get this out as soon as possible active a race occurred worldwide rights. And there's also talk that at potential broadcaster in the United States has -- -- rates as well it's kind of a reality show about the preparation. Of this trial -- inside glimpse into Conrad Murray's life and he freely let them -- everything he signed up in 2009 and you know we don't know in terms of financial aspects of it how much he will benefit but you know I'd probably I would say a very lucrative deal very Smart for him business wise. And -- evening image wise he was found guilty. But image -- and don't know what -- can do for him he's going to come out of jail at some point and he going to do absolutely anything to see what happens -- this documentary comes out. Struck up a little bit about Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea handler yes I love this story because. You know about a year ago we -- hearing that Jennifer Aniston was furious at Chelsea handler because he went on a vacation together. And apparently. You know they have -- girl talk and then there was some reports that Chelsea handler with slamming -- Angelina Pratt saint. He's a man -- -- you know you really can't trust her. Jennifer Aniston in -- Allegedly was saying ninety distance myself from her that last night in new York at the glamour women of the year awards. Jennifer Aniston came onstage and presented Chelsea. With a women of the year award for behind the most successful women talk show host and she just told the audience you know what. I am madly in love I never talk about my personal life but I'm Elliott and a half -- -- a very powerful women -- -- moment. And this is good to see it there the united front there wasn't any rift between absolutely Amy Palmer thank you -- -- thanks for having me.

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{"id":14907254,"title":"JR'S Perfect 10s on 'DWTS'","duration":"5:14","description":"Amy Palmer talks \"DWTS\" hits and misses and other celebrity headlines. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/jrs-perfect-10s-dwts-14907254","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}