Jude Law and Rooney Mara Discuss Their New Movie 'Side Effects'

The actors on working with Steven Soderbergh on his last film.
8:15 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Jude Law and Rooney Mara Discuss Their New Movie 'Side Effects'
-- -- -- But just -- message. -- -- -- To ensure continuing there. Person here. Christmas her talk. If this an emergency -- couldn't make its. Stand. -- Kenyans from win. You can -- Costa. Community. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn we we tell you what is happening at the movies and I'm telling you there's a great happening out there right now called side effects. Directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring these two people more in front of me right now as patient -- -- And -- -- Law. Are well I think the best way to start then and because -- think we need to tread carefully here because this is a movie. Where if your friends are out there seeing it. Tell them to shot -- And just tell them what you liked it -- not. -- -- yesterday she and he said he'd he'd he'd just went back console its integrity part -- we talked about the you know. They did the films films of the -- like the double indemnity and a more recent -- argue that it's fatal attraction but that they used to be more Coleman. And this relationship. That the audience would have with a film -- it was like don't tell your friends -- -- a twist but. Was was more from the area and if this from city fits into -- and wealthy relatives through whenever -- in Iraq. What is that we now live in the Internet age where nobody seems more nothing's a secret and enable. But anyway let's start with you patient. Who is this -- that your plan. How far can you go in telling us she knew the hardest and I kept right on about all of you -- you could at least say that she's got a husband getting around. Yes. She is very -- she's waited four years for her husband today out of prison and it kind of turns out that him coming back is almost harder than him going away. Have to sort of -- -- you know each other and that. That big life change of him coming back sort of sets her off on this depression. Because he's in for insider trade -- for years. And your life is different now -- now just not living as well as he did when you first -- yet. And then comes doctor Jonathan banks the rescue yeah. I play. A very what I would -- and England would -- -- vial. Psychiatrist. He's an ease of bricks. Working in new you'll. And he he works but the public hospital annuals that has his -- practice. -- like that's where the Brit accent coming from. The who who told to play it and keep and you still fourteen years I've been terrible. Try higher ending this well don't care if you can either I think I have yet. But he's a guy I I would say that the doctor in this is a guy who prides himself on his abilities I think. The I think he's empathetic towards his patients but he said he sees them very much. As a kind of equation he -- and -- I think prides himself that he can. Read people pretty quickly and believes them relies very heavily on medication and -- medications a sort of mathematical. Some if you like -- just needs figuring out -- -- But -- this instance with this case he can't quite figure -- Steven Soderbergh has decided that this will be the last film he won't make perhaps forever I'm hoping that some major life. And what did you do to him he decided that the for real and we started this war -- -- just the experience. I think what is that if you need so far. -- -- -- I mean he's not a guy who safely for effectiveness and Israelis saying -- -- to be like. I want everyone to stop me I think he's really he's gotten to a point where he. And I'm sort of coursing hymnal made that well I think he feels like. He dozens see himself in an industry that's necessary moving in the direction of where -- people if evolution I think he doesn't see it going where he believes it could. And I think also he has loads of other interest. He's gonna keep you know. Creating things he's so yeah. He all sorts of painting photography theater -- I think televisions so. Wants to be apart. Yes photography he has stated these Liberace maybe doesn't exist -- -- but. You two working with him now knowing that he said this didn't try to stop. Didn't you come on when he didn't go -- to meant that. Steve I asked about -- again he's not a guy who says something that he doesn't mean and so yeah. She'd obviously been very thoughtful and decision. I think it's a shame but. I think he's probably making the right decision for him -- maybe you know ten years from now -- come back but. I think -- come back even better that's even possible that this can keep a lot of thought and decision. What happens we hear. Those of us who were outside of all of this that takes you inside -- the business of crafting. Bill. We always hear about chemistry reads. And getting to know you before you cast the two actors have to do what -- you have to do with two. Nothing it was just our look at -- -- really keen on this but it. The jokers I know you mean I mean. The woman who plays my wife Vanessa I realized suddenly one of the first phase of film we have to -- and and to read the -- -- -- gotten to give me a number we went around the dinner we planned down. Like how we met and -- put a background and had a cup because of the -- and -- -- at least -- we -- that -- -- and tomorrow -- -- But I was quite keen review to try -- keep. A sort of distance that said the first few times we met them really -- the -- Introduction. And separation. In a way because it was. It was important to the to the -- I think. And sending the -- because he is sort of just coming back into my life it we've kind of wanted to have sort of -- awkward re getting to know you kind of thing. I'm just thinking now that you probably don't know each other but still it's finished -- you've never really shared stories of growing up nothing. Nothing like that happen. Just to keep the mystery think what you can be useful a little but it also saying time at the end of the day it's. It's into Albany were -- in you have to what writing to your life which continues along side. Real life you let that intrude. -- It features interior discard anything when you don't really want to. But you know I think -- say there is a certain intensity and a certain level of trust that you that you exchange. That -- -- in some way you know when you meet again and -- It's not like -- start again it's like you swap its and intense relationship -- -- ten weeks to months whatever it may be. The referred -- to do you. Quickly -- it really is rooted out his days.

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{"id":18437699,"title":"Jude Law and Rooney Mara Discuss Their New Movie 'Side Effects'","duration":"8:15","description":"The actors on working with Steven Soderbergh on his last film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jude-law-rooney-mara-discuss-movie-side-effects-18437699","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}