Julianne Moore Channels Palin in 'Game Change'

Actress discusses the pitfalls of playing Sarah Palin in new HBO movie.
3:00 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Julianne Moore Channels Palin in 'Game Change'
Standing here I am honored to be. -- -- Hillary that eighteen million cracks. I think it's hard -- and are out. Okay everybody you have just seen a scene from HBO's game change which I wish would move from HBO two theaters where we need good movies so desperately but. We have it here you should all watch it is directed by Angie roach who had. Was incredibly clever to have hired a Julianne Moore -- -- there in this story one of the best actresses. And here they are Julianne Moore and great. Here and I think I -- -- good and I I work is done. -- and -- honest. Yeah we'll let enough. Well how does it again how does it again -- where you're playing somebody. Who's around -- -- That this active get off -- well I don't talk like that outlook and I never said that. Well fortunately me. There's a tremendous amount documentation. And as Jason everything in the book and then of course this was very well researched so when I was trying to work on it and an -- light when I was. And I insisted on on. And -- and I needed to finance accuracy myself so you got you kind of go. And he YouTube and you -- everything up and I -- -- the stuff over and over again and I watched things and I'd have tremendous. Resources available to me. So you you have to hang your hat on that you have to have meaning to start bear. I'm so sad that if there if there are levels with what you're doing well let me point to this. Talking. What you have quibble but you could have also gone YouTube and that it can -- -- and see her do that in in the movie to do it and and yet what's happening in this movie is there's no care picture -- There's that it's not going and that's a delicate to sir we knew the Tina -- thing would be in people's minds. It's such an amazing job of capturing certain aspects. -- that's. It's frozen people's mind -- certain kind of approached her to portraying her and I hate Danny Strong predicted it will be half the comments when we announced that she's -- the part widening just planning Tina tan and that's why we haven't seen the film where we have Tina Fey portraying -- you know and watched by Julianne Moore planes are -- and on the plane. Both in a way to go into that but also as an important character moments for -- him because. It it felt so. Painful you know -- to -- to -- in my mind my empathetic camera you know to watch. Some units -- he mocked so effectively and frankly and but I do love that moment one. He -- -- what she did was very specific -- and then what went -- doing so. So beautifully news. It's it's a whole other thing and and it's actually inviting you to understand human -- not not. -- -- -- I don't know exactly what I was -- I mean it was. Well I think just thinking I spoke about -- into anything you know I would say in everything I've seen I haven't -- -- that we saw things private but even at her I watched her mission. And there was only one time she -- On our sons and is quite is really quite effective but. But in terms of her personal vulnerability and during the campaign I saw no evidence that she's -- she's she's very tough and and and was not someone who would kind of you know -- in net -- way that we do movies to see if female character in -- suddenly. Dissolved into tears and -- that's something to do and we were. Specific about it and except at the very end. I'm getting in fifth -- take a look at this and you can see. -- -- -- I think a head handed to you there is documented all -- -- human. What if you think of Perez. An icon. A political figure of media you know construct its own -- by -- masks of people's. You know that to get access through the waves -- We've interpreted that moment I think -- kind. I don't for me I still -- -- Mitchell on the water to you do when the Palin. Bands and people think that this movie was just the two of you out together how do you answer. -- -- 100. Yeah I thank you. Don't look at it and as that really mean anything about what we're up to the people who started saying that have not seen -- home. And and I wish they had because -- completely prejudged of course based on. The people involved in the film somehow haven't known it happened yet it -- -- and and judges. We just we are opinions. Didn't really matter you know our judgments about her are we -- I wanted to tell us -- -- great. True story and if and if you are gonna do us some kind of propaganda piece you don't show. Such a strong comments on the strong situations. As you look at getting an opinion on. Strongest. Character. All of emerges and and and say you know we we talked to him very much about how. This is not a movie about there. Costs that have sixty days. And -- he professions so. What happened in sixty days. How we know why why wasn't originally trained Y. We -- did you know why did -- -- -- responds it you know. Why -- we continue to respond to people with a tremendous charisma. And and these are quality and it looks why -- -- that over substance time and time again. You know as -- -- me that way you saw how do you pick leaders with only about and that's what at the core audience. I would say. Of course you know -- What do what you figure Belmont asked what she thought I would I would just try to understand. What mattered to her.

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{"id":15886976,"title":"Julianne Moore Channels Palin in 'Game Change'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress discusses the pitfalls of playing Sarah Palin in new HBO movie.","url":"/Entertainment/video/julianne-moore-channels-palin-game-change-15886976","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}