Julianne Moore on Literacy

The actress discusses her third children's book with Father Edward Beck.
1:32 | 10/13/11

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Transcript for Julianne Moore on Literacy
No this latest furcal phase strawberry book is the third in the series so far what's right and this is best friends for aha. And what I was taken with reading all three of them were some of the themes again in a very simple children's book He wound up being able to talk about. Tolerance. Inclusive of the trying to accept how we look and yet we are it was it hard to get these major themes into -- children's. You know I wasn't really trying that's what's interesting about it I don't like message heavy books I certainly wasn't attempting to do that what I wanted to do is create a world where. These kids existed. -- -- In their own world and a children's world and it in -- the child's voice and hopefully sense of humor and -- There there experience to tell a story I mean. And and the first one. Where she -- -- ski mask over happened and she you know she feels like -- disappeared I wanted to talk but the literal sense of childhood that you do believe He can make use of disappear. He believed to become a monster in all of those things that -- the stakes are really high. When when your child and so. In China captured that you know that. I guess these stories and become about you know you -- the county and exit tolerance and friendship and acceptance of differences in. But those -- things were large and childhood -- things that were learning about that. There they're not they're not Gibbons for us. So if the themes have emerged I hope they've emerged out of the characters' stories -- and conflicts and not about me trying to -- something. On it.

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{"duration":"1:32","description":"The actress discusses her third children's book with Father Edward Beck.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14732786","title":"Julianne Moore on Literacy","url":"/Entertainment/video/julianne-moore-literacy-14732786"}