Julianne Moore on Politics

The actress gives Father Edward Beck her take on politics today.
1:41 | 10/13/11

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Transcript for Julianne Moore on Politics
I've been so taken with how much faith as part of this current election campaign. Again all of these candidates on mountain and Mitt Romney's Mormon doesn't want that and I read. That you have an upcoming project we -- the place our payment rate for HBO yes. Does does that kind of force you to look at politics which you believe about remembering all add up as well. We know -- and. -- from the right now the thing that is most. Disappointing. About politics is how partisan -- you've been thinking you know that the the entire idea of being a country of United States you know. The -- of the will be formed ourselves is to be you know. Be greater than some of -- arts and to be able to work together to create a hole that benefits from the -- people. And right now the way I feel is that everybody's so so. Divisive and and so self interest it to him and so. Much about being reelected and and special interests and but I'm I'm really discussed it and now I'm I really feel kind of ashamed of him and even in in the terms of the research -- -- on the way campaigns there are. Conducted. Isn't much is about how to get on the bear hunting with me -- -- -- how do you make the most noise. When in fact what we're all looking for -- leadership we don't want noise we want we want people are gonna take care of take care costs and you know whole idea behind taxation -- also that we are gonna you know -- give portion of our income to the government of the United States to benefit all of us. Yes this idea that something -- Morse is that if it's like -- I I don't understand it has got to -- and tan and again.

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{"id":14732827,"title":"Julianne Moore on Politics","duration":"1:41","description":"The actress gives Father Edward Beck her take on politics today.","url":"/Entertainment/video/julianne-moore-politics-14732827","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}