July 26, 1982: Dolly Parton on her image

Parton delves into her childhood, and how her dreams back then influenced her looks and confidence as an adult.
2:39 | 01/15/18

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Transcript for July 26, 1982: Dolly Parton on her image
What are you look what the little girl who child. Me. As most other countries bringing it kid. And nobody ever thought of me as a rain beauty but I always wanted to be. You know pretty you know I was I was influenced more with the change in our hometown like the women they said we're tanks that would make up in the fancy hand at least half who won't be testing actor not known whether. You know when it really means just that let this posted gains sexier whenever I want it to be met but I also isn't just that the in fact yes Lexington and element Goosen into the big hair and queens and teens and you know without the jewelry that is kind of system level. Playing their own Wilmington. Even. And they haven't you seen the hapless that this. I'm questioning. Self confidence when it comes from I just in so happy that I get to Denver ballot today and can make money with it hit at my strength comes from my religious background my grand as a preacher and we Alice Stockton got all planes possible I think in of our air any time in my lap at least some dean anti Stalinist. Can. You thank. You have a very vivid imagination what seems to imagine about yourself. In the future. We have now is when they have that Latin hat I was. I was linked attention I think a lot that came from the implement the famine in not having any individual attention in various means to that need isn't a lot of tension happening and I didn't hit not to we didn't. You know we were glad that I just trying to be host I want these banks and I was not prettiest and is the key is in the famine declined to say all that Tauriello yen at. Let there are let alone apparently in her car and closed you know skinny legs or whatever but that I think that's just wanted to be. And you knew at that time ten years old. You are going to be a star. I don't want me after being up on they and pianist art me irony in what music can just be at. Just saying people lack mean here an analyst at witnessed into the grand Ole opry house on B. You know star and to meet at a standstill accident NASA thank just on the reasons us just thank you Tennessee State silenced and used to that. Six I can't. The feeling though that's more than just wanted to be I get the feeling the renewing your bones that you're going to be. I think and you my mom's house on May yet have in this Patti know had nothing. But I just sent its stock and a minimum what was then after that and that that was well that's that mountains and yet never wanted to. Just you know on weight from the mountains and people I just wanted to see the worlds beyond them.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Parton delves into her childhood, and how her dreams back then influenced her looks and confidence as an adult.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52362005","title":"July 26, 1982: Dolly Parton on her image","url":"/Entertainment/video/july-26-1982-dolly-parton-image-52362005"}