Justin Bieber Admits to Drinking and Smoking Pot, Police Say

The singer faces multiple charges including DUI and resisting arrest without violence.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Justin Bieber Admits to Drinking and Smoking Pot, Police Say
This is a special group. Company over -- ABC news digital special report breaking news out of Miami Florida where pop star Justin Bieber. Has been arrested police are -- in a news conference. Let's go their -- -- graduate this year -- -- eleven. AM this morning. One of call that are going on pine tree drive when he noticed what -- what he believed that the time was two. Lamborghini is one red one yellow. Drag racing on pine -- drive going northbound. The officer called it off on the radio. He made -- -- turn it tried to catch up to the vehicles that was able to stop the red vehicle which turned out to be a red -- The vehicle that mr. Bieber was driving -- yellow Lamborghini. Continued north and made -- left on 41 street traveling eastbound. Another officer was able to stop mr. beaver. In a front approaching the car when he opened up the window and confronted mr. Bieber. He smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. Mr. Bieber at that point was not cooperating with the officer's instructions. The officer asked him to exit the vehicle. He was questioning why -- was being stopped. Ultimately he eventually did step out of the vehicle would not follow the officers' instructions. The officer -- that time did place mr. Bieber under arrest for resisting without. Without violence for not following his instructions. He felt at that time that mr. Bieber may have been impaired. He was brought to -- Miami Beach police station where a -- investigation was conducted. It was determined that he knew he was impaired. During the investigation mr. -- made statements that he had consumed some alcohol and that had been smoking marijuana. And consume -- about prescription medication. He's currently here at the station he's going to be transported to Miami Dade County corrections. Once he was here at the station it was very cooperative we did not have any issues within. And you know he will be arrested the charges are going to be -- He also has a no valid driver's license that is the state of -- And the resisting arrest without violence charge. And that's all I have to say I don't know if there's we'll take a couple questions and -- Hernandez will be doing in Spanish and hunting. She's -- great. We're going to be releasing DA form -- judge -- -- the interaction between the the officer and head mr. beaver. -- -- I I don't have the levels. It's it's a combination when you have our narcotics and marijuana and alcohol -- is the impairment. Being impaired while you're driving we can't let he. I don't have that I notice of prescription medication and apparently now we are where he. I'm sorry where it. I I don't know where he had been I don't even notice what. Name -- here. We're literally -- -- is very specific I don't -- to read it I mean yeah. -- -- belligerent Doug questioning using some choice words questioning why was being stopped and you know -- why the officer was even question it is definitely. -- now we're gonna look gonna let them good. The officer estimated he was -- -- up two 55 to sixty miles an hour remember the officer was coming in the opposite direction. -- -- drivers two lane in each direction as a residential area. That's. Thirty miles an hour. -- -- -- driven him if he did acknowledge that he was using that he did take a prescription medication. And that he used that if that's what -- marijuana that he -- consumer here but. I don't know that I don't know the specifics of the Mets who did not have -- -- -- Well it's -- cars were where it. Well they were starting from a stopped position. You know and they were accelerating up to a higher rate of speed. You know and going almost double the speed limit if you will in that area zone. And then. And yet and yes yes. Oh lead that Clinton and his students mentioning. It. It's it's it's divided yes it's two lanes going north and two lanes going south. So Willis and issue a news covers -- from Miami Beach in Florida where early this morning pop star Justin Bieber had been arrested on suspicion. Been of the influence. Apparently police had responded after two ever genius who were -- out. Miami about 10 minutes after 4 o'clock this morning police had pulled over one of the Lamborghini inside behind the wheel is Justin Bieber. At that point police say that he was resisting arrest it was going about 55 miles an hour and thirty mile an hour zone. At which point they conducted a field sobriety tests brought him into the police station and now at this point. Justin Bieber is facing multiple charges do you why. Not a valid and not having a valid driver's license -- of the state of Georgia and resisting arrest without violence. This after he had admitted as he was being questioned on the side of the street there that he had consumed alcohol. That he had taken prescription drugs and that he also smoked marijuana as we just heard there from the police and that right now he is in custody. Those charges will be filed at some point today we of course we'll continue to follow the very latest developments on this and this all coming. After last weeks investigation. Out in California. -- extreme case of vandalism. Where he was accused of -- one of his neighbors' homes to an extensive damage where in fact felony charges could be filed. Given the expenses that were caused by this -- incidents that is a separate case but now. -- also working on this other additional case in Florida Justin Bieber was arrested. Early this morning for drag racing complete report here -- ABC news dot convert on -- -- New York. Because ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21636732,"title":"Justin Bieber Admits to Drinking and Smoking Pot, Police Say","duration":"3:00","description":"The singer faces multiple charges including DUI and resisting arrest without violence.","url":"/Entertainment/video/justin-bieber-admits-drinking-smoking-pot-police-21636732","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}