The Kardashian Backlash

"In Touch Weekly" on whether the divorce will hurt Kim Kardashian's career.
2:43 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for The Kardashian Backlash
-- -- out Sheehan threw in the towel on her marriage -- NBA player Chris Humphries after just 72 days. So -- it all just a chain up here with more details of Dorothy Catholic ferry from in touch. Wheatley high -- -- -- -- CEO -- yeah so this was a very short marriage and a lot of people are actually saying could this -- -- jumped the -- moment this is going to be the backlash. Against Kim -- in that might do her -- even though. People are outraged that she had this lavish wedding the -- got paid eighteen million dollars reportedly for the slaying. It still can -- Sheehan and her brand is strong. And companies are still willing to throw money at her no matter if she's single. Married to a man married to a woman whatever -- is saying -- -- doesn't hurt her image at all. News I think we have to wait and see him but my guess is people are so crazy about her and profoundly and her sisters. That that love them is not gonna go let them but so many people are saying ahead with this just a made for TV moment was the whole wedding at -- What do you think. I wouldn't say it is a sham per say but I would say that can fell more in love with the idea of all the fame and fortune and it came along with them with a special day. Then really she was falling in love with the man that was participating in the day and what the day kind of stood for and we hear that she just blind sided him. By filing for divorce that he did not see this coming. Well the statement that he really really certainly indicates that he said he was you know very discipline and and devastated that his wife was filing for divorce. That kind of language. Makes it seem like there's a little bit of sympathy for crest that. Perhaps he didn't really see -- and he says he wants to do whatever he -- to save his marriage do you think there's a chance this marriage can be -- now mount alto where she she filed the papers she filed for divorce as opposed to an unknown man. Which is a little bit of the friendly air -- to -- And she means business as she always does. Yunel. She's been texting with her ex boyfriend Reggie bless lately. And -- do you hear that insiders tell us -- first caught her doing that. We also know from reports that there was a secret -- that Kim had on October 20 ninth at bar masa in New York with Reggie bust and his -- We really know what she's been doing behind Chris is back -- just look like she's not so much good. And I'll tell you what. That pre nup might have some holes in it if it comes to light. That she was actually cheating on Chris behind his back code we because we don't -- -- -- for sure exactly I think I know what -- Right now a lot of times of high profile weddings there is applies -- -- That has to -- with cheating and wreck happens if one of this process -- -- -- thank you so my thanks to having me.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"\"In Touch Weekly\" on whether the divorce will hurt Kim Kardashian's career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14859501","title":"The Kardashian Backlash","url":"/Entertainment/video/kardashian-backlash-14859501"}