The Kardashian Empire

Part 3 of Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011"
8:25 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for The Kardashian Empire
I have never heard more anger and dismay than what Julian asked that the people you're about to say well I'm not list I mean last year we had the cast of -- sure. -- -- -- -- But says something about the multimillion dollar empire known -- the Kardashians. That are really gets under people's skin. But I've got to tell you I don't think the Kardashian news mind to want it it's. Once upon -- return they would greet this news who lived in Beverly Hills. It's something -- and became public. Before you knew they had their -- huge show keeping up with the conduction. Which chronicles the -- actions by Kim and Kourtney and -- It's confusing even for then manager Chris was also -- -- you always no -- from him you know when I called her names I never get it right. It's so hard with all the case than I've always expects that when I get excited -- -- -- when she gets you really want what is this time. -- -- -- -- -- What are your name -- they don't care. -- And empire endlessly self -- this cannot spend. A strange mix of trashy sex upscale access. Is going to jail -- -- -- The tabloid melodrama. And -- didn't. Schottenheimer -- so Anderson. You are all often just. -- as famous for being famous. You don't really act you don't saying you don't fans you don't have any. Don't make any -- -- diners paying people. I think it's more of a challenge for you to go on her reality show and get people to follow lovely you for being you -- -- there is definitely a lot more pressure I think to be famous for being ourselves. Then -- I don't care -- there is angry that none of the things we have talent segment of this think we could singer actor Dan how. Or shot years ago -- and finally we're running -- boutique. And -- was part of Paris Hilton's entourage we. This sex tape that Kim and your -- aboard and a -- major sections. This -- numerous angles. The costume change. Some -- in my -- changed BC shake up anger. School I'm Kimberly world right now and every time -- Kim's body. If nothing else -- should Begin this constant. -- -- -- You first came to public attention in 2007. With the sex tape and you became famous. So. Was -- a good thing to have done looking man. I really believe what. Anything in life whenever you do. You might think. I mean I've made mistakes in my life for shellac and you learned a lot from now how did usually. And it was devastating for the whole family and you cry yourself to sleep. For a few nights and you hire a really good attorney and try to make something better you know happened. Just take propelled him to thing. It gave the world an inside look at the family dynamics. I trump clean she needs solid attention -- lives -- congress is good or is he here. Makes money any. Who's this -- system books line. According to let me yet okay -- this model sister. Street one night. Who's the most conceded. Can -- have an -- -- and that. -- young moms. Campaign can. -- -- -- You know I think it's -- A kid and -- my favorite. We want our she's not whoever gives -- than those percentage rates at the moment now that's not -- just a -- it can't remember. Despite how human they are today about the differences. -- Kardashian wasn't always easy for comment. I was KL -- and blond curly hair. I did not look like them and I got bullied my entire teenage life people all you know -- saying. To me how. And the ugly sister -- are. I'm just funny sister act that's what people how is that only -- -- -- -- -- corner just in court near you this and you are so funny unlike. Thanks and the Internet to be so negative the economy shrank colonel -- RN there off all the main. The confession -- grew up as privileged daughter of wealthy attorney -- businessmen in the late Robert Kardashian. There was OJ Simpson -- best friend and Gloria. The couple had -- -- Kim Khloe and sun god junior that in 1990 the marriage dissolved. One -- later this married former Olympic athlete who stand. Brady Bunch -- -- -- his -- children with six and then attitude girls Kendall and Kylie they had together. This began -- ended -- Bruce's career body workout today she's the manager for the whole family. It has been reported that the family. -- 65. Million dollars last year. Well I think first -- you can never believe you know I'm now aren't needed if anything I think it's more. That case you take 10% to as a managing I -- from each isn't inside. Tell us about it. Tell me about it. Gee dad so I'm Larry Graham and about it I mean we have to give it to someone house at a rather keep and the family now I -- honestly my mom loves. How hard she works so hard my sister does make fun of the percentage stuff all the time but. She has his vision -- and she makes it happen. That vision. It's based on the idea that there is no -- between what is private. And what his performance. What's really. And -- -- the candles you gotta stick up your ass right now it's yeah. It took ahead including the group -- -- The way she's pregnant again tons of extra time -- them. Relationship problems. Kids college. And across most famous meet this 72 gay marriage to NBA player this conference which has been widely mocked. -- -- Accident okay. -- Today saying man. In the wake of the divorce the marriage was called upfront. Even then -- stunned. Flashing and -- -- -- -- Barbara walters' ten most fascinating people of 2011. This marks the first time Barbara Walters has done a sarcastic. -- times. And many said that the confessions had gone too far this time. Debuted this summer the highest ratings ever found love me and I. Revealing how deeply unhappy with the newlyweds had been. And the amazing ability to -- to keep us watching whether we like one. -- -- kind of step. -- -- Just how close we aren't supportive of one another and I must have missed just in this Stanley and seeing -- every one. Has still stayed so true -- who we are and I just Protestant my kids I feel like. The most blast mom alive because I get to get up everyday and work with my family. And it doesn't get any better than that. Those smell like you get and it.

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