'Katie' Premieres With Jessica Simpson, Sheryl Crow

Katie Couric debuts talk show with discussions about weight and motherhood.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Katie' Premieres With Jessica Simpson, Sheryl Crow
-- made her debut with her mother and two daughters in the audience along what they're close pals from junior high school in Arlington Virginia. But the buzz was all about the famous friend to join Katie Couric during the opening of a new show which began with a host asleep. -- -- I -- the weirdest dream -- began with a nod to her earlier career and a blast from her past her -- cohost Matt Lauer was present to take her back to the future. We asked and he was -- against -- you know Matt and I are good friends and we've beat them through a lot together. So you ready for this day. Katie to a season. Nervous but the audience didn't seem to notice and if they did they certainly didn't care. And that ladies in the front row over cute they said they had keep themselves from jumping into the conversation and making comments I think. We just -- -- create an environment where it does feel really natural spontaneous and true first guest Jessica Simpson dished about life. After giving birth. I just had a lot of pressure on me. So lose the baby away it was such a compliment and -- said thank -- for making me feel comfortable because I think. When people feel comfortable. There much more generous than in her views are much more honest. Sheryl Crow who composed the show's theme song went beyond -- be doing a very frank chat about motherhood at fifty. And what it was like to -- -- had a benign brain to but it was definitely. A sobering moment especially in a -- -- on the finding out I just went out there and tried to beat myself. Katie told -- and that was exactly what the president of ABC wanted to watch. Katie is such relatable person she's someone you want to spend time. Having known her for more than thirty years this does seem a bit like a -- dream at times but make no mistake. It's a reality Katie Couric has created -- herself. -- so -- and what ever happened you know I I had so many cool like experiences and this is probably right up there with -- with the top one. A lot of experience in the coming weeks Katie sits down with the likes of Jennifer Lopez Heidi Klum. Even Barbara -- but for now her first show was giving us a good indication of what's become a fun program that's also compelling. As Katie puts it Smart. Doesn't have to be boring.

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{"id":17204648,"title":"'Katie' Premieres With Jessica Simpson, Sheryl Crow","duration":"3:00","description":"Katie Couric debuts talk show with discussions about weight and motherhood.","url":"/Entertainment/video/katie-premieres-jessica-simpson-sheryl-crow-17204648","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}