Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Divorce Details

"Us Weekly's" latest buzz on celebrity marriages that are ending.
2:55 | 01/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Divorce Details
Have some not so happy news and the the divorce and Katy Perry and Russell Brand what happened there won't -- -- -- for quite some time they -- very different people of portion of Airbus sold out with. Sex addiction and drug addiction and was pacers -- his recovery. Katy Perry three young exuberant she still like to party and that's -- some of the clashes began for that. And you know she had -- some wild persona which he loves but on the inside she was still that -- -- good. Christian girl from California so they had a lot of battles McCain to what the personalities were really like at home and yeah we -- with C -- fit with her sort of area. Conservative Christian family you'll yeah. Not exactly. You know he will elect -- Katy Perry's why don't sign me and she -- like that all the time so he got bored very quickly not so far we don't -- -- -- me. Third parties involved but. -- tired of their lifestyles of the way a lot you really want someone there with him -- day. And that's not what her career -- sports is on the road and -- they weren't. Married just a little over a permanent fourteen months and I think apiece after Newington just three -- so those of very quick quick release. How about I like them -- a couple of that they -- working it together and bad about that one another sad and -- -- -- but Hollywood couple Demi Moore and Ashton -- More and more is coming now it's about how he was cheating on write this story just won't die. Over the holiday he went to Italy with the -- -- aria she's a writer director he -- about a year ago. And they were very intimate during their vacation Helen -- together when did he got wind of this it just hurt it just plunge the knife -- Further and twisted it she's very hurt by their break up just devastated by -- was cheating. In with this particular woman. It's not as though the -- it looks like they're actually having a relationship. And -- very hurtful to her and whether indications that they've gotten together before or will they -- many here earlier last winter actually went -- I auditioned for one of her movies still pay so we're not quite sure exactly -- -- started. Becoming more than friends. But it looks like it's more than just a fleeting relationship and -- Anthony taking on what she's there is actually very you know it's very depressing. And it's very embarrassing for her and she just wishes the whole thing -- just go away and that he wasn't doing. Absolutely and then -- -- to talk about Bradley Cooper and his new eight let's girlfriend. Not enough he -- think the government of the Sino UV and other girlfriends are happily look at who's up on I think that when they're coming in from called words she hasn't changed at the time -- -- didn't quite get together but there was definitely -- an attraction. And things just -- I -- they -- earlier engagement fell apart. And to protect the Beyonce and then they spent years together they weren't making now holding hands very -- -- so this is definitely a real attraction thing -- on -- they live I had another hot Hollywood couple are -- not a -- -- -- think that a lot of.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"\"Us Weekly's\" latest buzz on celebrity marriages that are ending. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15289586","title":"Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Divorce Details","url":"/Entertainment/video/katy-perry-russell-brands-divorce-details-clebrity-marriages-ending-entertainment-15289586"}