Katy Perry's Flute Faux Pas

The singer's missed cue shows she wasn't playing the musical instrument.
0:57 | 11/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Katy Perry's Flute Faux Pas
You know we all of Katy Perry. Here on on world news now that she's very talented singer and dancer but she's no Jethro Tull let's put it that way and dolce and lip -- disasters happen on stage well. How about flu thinking not so much so you can imagine the embarrassment that Katy -- He had a -- fail during a recent. Concert what he was covering -- -- have been she was seen playing a diamond encrusted blue with a -- it turns out she wouldn't play the instrument of law. He pretended to play the mood in the big film came -- mr. Q did he play. The son plays on track and is nowhere near her mouth. Oops I meant that well I think about it -- I mean what is. All of a lot of times we've seen lip -- -- Artists singers who who don't have that much talent she's obviously very talented so -- Down comes out.

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{"id":14954355,"title":"Katy Perry's Flute Faux Pas","duration":"0:57","description":"The singer's missed cue shows she wasn't playing the musical instrument.","url":"/Entertainment/video/katy-perrys-flute-playing-mistake-14954355","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}