Katy Perry's Surprising Story

Part 5 of Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011"
5:35 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Katy Perry's Surprising Story
Sugar and spice and everything nice if that's what little -- and may god. Then our next guest has figured out how to turn that into a fashion statement -- a blockbuster pop career. Mix together candy -- -- godly upbringing and the devilish sense of humor and you get naughty but nice. -- -- -- -- -- Not like finalists this tormented -- inconclusive. And for content. She had five number one hit singles from one -- A feat no one has managed since Michael Jackson. So what kind of the year has the this year has been. Very intense. Just kind of like holding on to the rocket for dear life hoping that I don't get blocked off. One of the kind look. Candy canes looked clean and -- has -- had passionate things. Did you decide. I'm going to look different that's different did you say. I'm going to become what Karen that. Like I've never said I was become -- characteristic have always been attacked it's okay. Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson her real name was -- 27 years ago. Their parents -- on the hippies and evangelical. Pastors the only music in this stick Christian households and -- -- the only book. The -- You couldn't celebrate Halloween couldn't listen to popular music you have to -- demo the eggs. Angel and loans yes. So how an Angel makes -- -- -- little girl I kind of thought that my failings world was the only type of world that existed. I mean we -- television but it was very. Censored you know people were about the -- I would never seen that actual can't. It would be changed the next. Second but before of that before they became -- your mother went on a date with rocker Jimi Hendrix. Your father was a done -- -- to do -- I'd heard in his sermons could that part of his testimony. So then I started to register a vote of their lives were very colorful before this very black and white -- -- -- spent. -- discovered secular music at fifteen she dropped out of high school. Took -- -- -- -- music career in Nashville. And then moved to Los Angeles at seventeen. Changed tell us name and -- views among insects. She spent the next six she is being signed and then dropped by different record companies. I was -- that -- I got this call from this man from Capitol Records. And heat. Just said that he believed in me you know the rest of the music industry had said I don't know it's taken too much time or she's not got it. And it was gonna believe in my vision. They envision some she loved -- -- straight to number one. When I kissed -- good -- a lot of those songs it pushed sexual boundary moves. Can you -- I kissed a girl. US Sergei. You have a song -- you -- about a -- nausea clock. Quite colorful and you -- Jessica. Yes -- -- did you like it. It was lovely. Are you totally straight. I don't know if I'm totally anything. But she's totally fell for British -- -- sometimes. She met him when he was appearing in the film given to the Greek. Playing a character and not unlike his from the south and drug addicted to wild man. They married a little over a year ago. Good marriage happy marriage. I think that it's sloppy so far did it bother you at all but he had -- -- -- that it. It didn't actually because. I knew about my father's past I didn't Meredith. -- capacity for change and anyone I really believe that I saw that -- changed as well so. I believe that. You know people can really. Turnout for the past. And have children yes of course I think that is one of the biggest reasons why do get pretty soon you have nothing to tell me not. Now what -- that's just talk about right here. Do you have a -- true and consistent. Yes yes I -- peninsula. I acted this she's talked to announce eighteen years old. Legally the and I did it because no matter how much I can't change how -- I know my roots again. I don't know 5% myself. I don't think it's always defined. I hope to see -- changing the last stand on this American.

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{"id":15158963,"title":"Katy Perry's Surprising Story","duration":"5:35","description":"Part 5 of Barbara Walters' \"The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/katy-perrys-surprising-story-15158963","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}