Katy and Russell's Holiday Blues

US Weekly has the scoop on why the couple spent Christmas apart.
5:26 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for Katy and Russell's Holiday Blues
Fact that it's all caught up on the latest celebrity -- Rebecca being stopped from us weekly is here Phillips then hire -- great to see. Let's start with the big scheme that you have about Debra Messing. Her longtime relationship is over now she's dating and yes pretty easy classic we broke that she and her husband of ten years are getting. A divorce and now we -- revealing that she's actually. Has recently started seeing her costar on NBC shows smacks. Well. -- -- all -- little bit messy though because will is married track will is leaving his wife Stephanie -- and they've been for a couple years you guys reported. Is devastated by it she is married that it was shocked -- things so. Meanwhile that Deborah passing is. Has been living with her husband for the sake of the sign in trying to smooth transition they're still on good terms from -- as you guys are reporting that they were sort of over they were yet -- that happened to write a lot further back and she moved on well. But definitely am and they had they start the show together right abernathy want change -- -- -- not be easy and mean they both have kids yet already -- how has several working out that child's situation. There's still figuring things out -- living with the kid even as. Recently Halloween with trick or treating with women but they weren't together at times -- She's trying to make things easiest for -- Right right but apparently the -- is pretty immediate forgot. Definitely sparks flew. Pretty quickly when they started working together so that we will be interesting to watch them on the show because on the show they play -- -- -- rights. Chemistry there. About. Knows how to -- a little bit -- -- -- longer term and the couple have Justin Timberlake and and Jessica Biel and turns out that perhaps he is we're going to propose. But we've heard from sources that. Close to popping the question there isn't a lot of buzz on the -- recently because they were. In Wyoming vacation analysts say that actually already gotten aids just common over the holidays -- not shocking. That we heard from Barrick resources they have yet but that it's definitely in the near future -- -- -- big chain for him however he seemed to on a -- to party a bit more before he settled down. Yes -- heat for years you know he was kind of not 100%. -- they did on -- report after years but. When they got back together here we were told from sources that sort of with the idea that this time proposal it -- it would get at least. You look at that time did not the time to settle down -- -- -- excitement make a good couple who brilliantly a couple of now another couple of seems to be on the rocks Katy Perry and Russell Brand I -- -- -- -- also make room now at. When there's so finding -- he button on recently over the holidays Katie spent her holidays in Hawaii while Russell has been in England. Which was not the original plan we heard from related sources that originally he was gonna fly. Her family over to England to be with Russell but the last minute change things up and took her friends to Hawaii. Not wearing her -- So Allen has complained in the past that Russell doesn't respect her family and that she comes from a very religious Christian -- and well there is definitely -- there -- some issues there with -- -- -- -- -- and out there and all that data we have a lot of differences and had been trying to work on them but. This is certainly indicative of something so we'll have to see what happens no words of a split just yet not yet that their -- said things are okay with that but. I definitely not. Blatantly went with an instance -- -- -- that -- just over a year well. I'm rooting for the period my dad and me Russell and Mary ended. I live now -- relationship news and talk about the fact that you know it's the holiday and so many of us can use a little diet advice and perhaps over this at the scene of some great items -- the star is telling us how they. Yes start with can crashing into our cover. Not cover image how to look as good as her she looks great and she told us in an interview that -- cut out refined sugars from her diet she's -- very high protein. Meal plan which she tries to stick to every day in -- spoke to her trainer who goes over she. Keeps her -- but also works out this work out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll be stars do they all have a workout routine you know -- a policy -- Tracy Anderson that's and it is Jennifer Lopez -- we we talked. Traci about bats well we also have Olivia Wilde who always looks to me that she actually love eating out. Hopefully. Easily and getting what I Halley Berry mean she's in her forties now he's Phillips and I ask me how well we -- told from her and her -- she has lots of protein shakes. And she likes eating lots -- mom meals throughout and witches. Here's when she worked at a lot she also were it's definitely. The trend with all of the women and Katy Perry -- -- -- -- -- she looks amazing and recently these photos in Hawaii that she's totally great change and out sheets follows they have very strict diet that adult -- -- -- -- so much right -- and she's very active lifestyles there's the secret just. All the time and I have and I needed. I don't everybody get inside they use them -- time.

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{"id":15248700,"title":"Katy and Russell's Holiday Blues","duration":"5:26","description":"US Weekly has the scoop on why the couple spent Christmas apart.","url":"/Entertainment/video/katy-russells-holiday-blues-15248700","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}