Keanu Reeves on How Film vs. Digital Affects Actor's Performance

Do film and digital production affect how an actor performs? David Lynch thinks so.
3:00 | 08/24/12

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Transcript for Keanu Reeves on How Film vs. Digital Affects Actor's Performance
I imagine there was a -- liberation for you event in terms of the relationship with your actors locker takes. The issue and hope piano. Ten minutes was Max on the -- really -- -- -- denying something you know and when that things starts rolling. There's a kind underlying feeling its -- precious stuff rolling through there who. And it puts -- kind of attention. On things. Back issued as much as I wanted I can get the best performances I didn't have to worry about. She's little burst of film here that was ridiculous but that's what I had to do that's how expensive it was comparatively. -- digital. The little gizmos. Forty minutes. And you can be run and -- camera. And talking to the actor. Starting over again -- feel. People around -- And then get -- only in there and catch -- thing that you never would get caught. If you had that giant thing there. Who surprised you the most in the people human. I was surprised when. David Lynch said that he didn't he says he says don't hold me to Eric Young. Because I asked him if he was done with -- and said yes and I was surprised to -- and but someone who admitted -- have -- parts is great. Images images. -- yeah. You know he and another thing velvet -- I think but -- look at this for you wanna contact -- -- you -- contact. Sources. Close to Pia couldn't answer still is very. Interest in provocative -- entries. And he'll still do it every once you're still doing. Yeah about it. It just the way in the film he says you name. Houston enough of reasons the there's something about talking to David Lynch's -- never met him before we've seen this man who is nothing like this bill. Now though it's a little bit shocked yeah it's -- movement that we talking to the editor of -- -- And it and -- -- saying well look and we did this with the bats like you. I press a button on a console not to say it's quantum you know because. In the sense of you know I often get asked what was -- change form and educate compare. You have no comparison cans connected digital performance tonight for chemical -- me -- them but I did an active. You know -- maybe that could be -- kinder. For the Guggenheim it'll be the -- I. But we'll see here that will get a -- -- and that's look at this. So you've done every kind of -- and he didn't look back at your own work and saying why this would -- Going back to this started it. -- my own private Idaho. And when -- have been different mountain. -- -- they are kind of fascinating question. When you see this movie you keep thinking about him. And then he when you look at it seemed like Lawrence of Arabia can imagine a digital -- of -- It's it's hard for me to get. -- I -- I wanted to bring up was that you're talking -- -- DP. Unsung hero -- don't if you know where a director can come and take a look like this you know like really good. But it should be. And it should have that but I don't want that light over there but make it really good yeah now and then they do it that's what they do yet so. -- So we don't want to tell you were talking to people. Don't know how to do I was almost all the time I was really fortunate. We've had you know the chance to. To speak with some people. Artists who got away from who didn't you get him -- I don't want. I guess I was looking for Steven -- I was looking for Clinton you know it's -- gloves he now. That's an hour not say he didn't just. I'm not popular -- I'm not doing no we had we had a lot of we had a lot of people that no warning to students -- us. And for whatever else that I I don't deserve to be -- -- it -- -- -- sucks and -- -- it's just like. -- -- But you understand. And Korea but no I -- -- I mean it's a very broad subject and something that. You know. We. Tried to -- Q as you mentioned here in the direction. And opening introduction to it's so. And -- shirts. And -- Does that impact he now has -- -- -- years signing up to do anything. When you first question how we should. An interest in -- if what I'm doing in terms of what. What's being used but it's generally it's like who's it's more about acting you know -- interpretation of the story. You know what I'm telling you director and they're talking in the -- -- script and story. On amendments so she. The way -- You know what you're doing walking. Room. -- -- -- -- -- And musically this really heroic film background and and I do that what you ask directors you know what they wanna shoot up. And what they don't want action. Right -- what. It doesn't and asking for full song just a moment. Some musical and -- You can't say you don't think because -- softly November. I -- know. Giving it is time to think. To think the song. Attitude be winning it isn't this going to mean. You can't he -- I know. This should be like a part of -- life even more than -- chip. Isn't that much money and going through the jukebox six five's I like seeing which way I'm gonna go is this all on the chip. I think I think it that. I -- I don't -- You know Peter and -- it's not easy being green. Us. -- never thought goma. The White House. Anything -- been thinking here. Noticing it got to go punk rock and shoot it. For the now ones like you know and and and we expect them and -- Some discharge which it bought. And all equipment. Supplement. Thank you for that hit it. You can't there is that I'm good it every -- -- it the -- that he you. -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Do film and digital production affect how an actor performs? David Lynch thinks so.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"17075673","title":"Keanu Reeves on How Film vs. Digital Affects Actor's Performance","url":"/Entertainment/video/keanu-reeves-film-digital-affects-actors-performance-17075673"}