Keith Urban's Health Scare

Dawn Yanek dishes on the musician's serious throat problems.
3:38 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Keith Urban's Health Scare
I'm to get you up to speed on all the celebrity headlines here with all the -- -- entertainment expert on an eye on things thanks for being parents are having -- -- -- Starent that keep Kernen has happened yes later this month he's actually going to undergo surgery to have a polish on his vocal cords removed. His rep says that it's minor outpatient surgery but of course is gonna have to undergo quite a bit of rest and relaxation after the surgeries performed. And before the surgery he had to come yet canceled. One of his concerts that would benefit the country music hall of fame in any multiple song performances of course we just wish him all the best and wish a speedy recovery so -- this this. Type of surgery it's fairly common among thing aren't. Yes apparently and yet if it's true lately it feels like. I'm stars like -- -- -- John -- And it just seems like maybe they're tarring and recording schedules are so incredibly rigorous. But that maybe it's causing -- problem but of course they have to take care of those. Multimillion dollar vocal -- now that -- gonna -- problems for the long haul that's right well we certainly wish them all the best in a lot of aren't art -- -- -- -- -- Now there too exciting movies coming out that they let's talk about. Tower heights starring Eddie Murphy we -- that the old Eddie Murphy is back -- that's right you know Clinton critics are saying this movie is very OK it's about. A building workers to try to get their money back from a Bernie Madoff style character. But I timely and very timely and -- -- would Eddie -- -- on screen he just steals the show and this is not be any marquee doctor Doolittle award -- hit thank goodness yes this is vintage Eddie Murphy from back in the Beverly Hills makes me wanna rush yet. It isn't -- it for him. That's -- -- apparently director Brett Ratner. And Eddie Murphy are also teaming up on another. Huge project and the Oscar and yet right -- that yes exactly. And again I think we're going to be seeing a lot of -- Eddie Murphy for that telecast and not a lot of details are out yet of course it to see which movies are going to be nominated. But we hear that it's going to be really fast -- they just wanted to get to -- -- and running and really just use his comedic genius is very very exciting fun and what is the other -- that we're talking about Harold and could Matt come on Christmas yes a very Harold and Kumar Christmas and I think right now nothing. I think very popular artists actually the third installment if you like me crazy antics of this modern day -- smoking -- and -- and pupil is enjoying this innovative right in this line Harold has grown up he's gotten a job he's got married. Kumar on the other hand is still kind of just like he's gotten kicked out of medical school becomes -- -- Harold house. Lights the Christmas tree on fire with a giant giant and of course -- NC is right of course hilarity of course. Now let's that let's talk a little bit about breaking -- I mean the -- has already begun. These actors seem like they're going to leave a lasting mark on -- yes that literally. -- out yesterday. Edward bella and Jacob of course -- real life Robert -- and Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Where at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood leaving their -- their footprint and their hand prints in cement. Just immortalized forever I mean this is kind of -- thing especially for young actors. But let's they have really made their mark in Hollywood this franchise is huge minority candidate I have my ticket and what a great way to start -- all of the upper breaking dawn just fourteen days away premiering November excellent seem -- -- word will this this maybe not -- this will not disappoint -- aren't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Dawn Yanek dishes on the musician's serious throat problems. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14884203","title":"Keith Urban's Health Scare","url":"/Entertainment/video/keith-urbans-health-scare-dawn-yanek-dishes-musicians-throat-problem-entertainment-14884203"}