Kellie Pickler's "Feline" Good

American Idol Alumni talks about new album and cat causes close to her heart.
5:23 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Kellie Pickler's "Feline" Good
Kellie Pickler wants you to know that February is -- appreciation month and to show her love for the feline variety. She is designed to sweater for fellow cat lovers with all the proceeds of -- -- going to be ASPCA. And oh yeah her other love aside from cats. Music of course she's excited about her new album a hundred proof and a new single called tough. Here now a little taste that. What was the backbone their Kellie -- here now that's not a these. Guys are hotter -- strong stuff with inspiration love heartbreak life what's behind. Lots may not -- as the country's sons. I had just put that into the form of lyrics and hand. Made a record. -- It in 2000 it was your last record then the big differences between the two absolutely. Him I've worked for the different producer on this project Franklin down -- and -- are amazing. And I think they really captured -- -- on this album London. -- catcher Kelly. And get pension you -- is all about telling stories. Real stories about people's lives and that's what I did it with this record -- -- I got to tell my story. But I know a lot of people. Can relate say that -- seeing -- -- Otto and -- had a history. The -- pension music's about about lots and lots not always pretty. And it had indicated by the strength of -- a hundred so I want to ask you about that because that meteoric rise that you had from idol. Could you ever imagine that you'd be at the place that your in now back then in 2000. Who. You know I. I look at my life today. You know for example when I when I get to go onstage at the -- an auditorium which is the granddaddy stage of a -- intention music. Every time I get out there and -- let. Out into the audience and I see that stained glass windows because it's an old -- okay. In the back. It really hit me hard because. I I just cannot believe how much has happened in my line and -- so appreciative for. American Idol and all the people -- pick pick Claire and that. -- -- I mean he was the one that really kind of started the whole trend of everything man I mean and they are also good to me I love Paula I love rain -- -- -- -- son and -- And -- within the united yet impact in Florence and and that what not but I I'm I'm blessed to have been part of the show. You love country music but you also love cats to a degree. I think people can't even appreciate. That and what you -- are you working with the ASPCA and also with fresh step on this campaign tell me about this yes. Well fresh step approached me with this really great idea of designing -- cats letter. And we're -- -- all of the proceeds to the highest PC AOK I think is really really wonderful -- 100%. The money that we make from this sweater things will go to an instance today you can -- to their their thanks -- it -- to check on the details. And if you're not able to get the sweater set out he can still be apart and very great way I. Simply a planning a picture of yourself. Wearing your cat sweater or cat paraphernalia can be taken big cat she used to convey anything rendering -- What -- and let it sit there -- there thanks but page and -- dollar will be donated. To that ASPCA. For each side -- -- So obviously we need to interview you want to raise -- 100000 it's a great -- -- -- -- great -- -- you have on right now. A cat with a banjo -- Get better than that I I don't know honestly and I heard that I mean he had of. Of course I did because you get sent this one -- -- that very first thing we got in the mail I had to put it on. As soon -- we put. That not the next -- and you know he asked seriously -- and sell like crazy -- Atlanta -- deep threat. Back to the -- -- outlining -- sequence and it's got a little. -- what is next to the cat what's in the job he into anything you on your loans. Whatever whatever and I assure my -- might be milk could be. Some delicious heartland what you -- and can't catch if -- it's an amazing campaign so what's next for you I -- Well you know we just released the album which I'm so excited about and we're working right now on tour today sent can't read this summer and second saying -- songs -- I'm so excited about having new music it's been three and a half Peterson's -- Beckett came to your fans are hungry for it and got. Several projects on the side that -- them working on -- I'm excited about and you know once that gets a little. Further down the line and then to come back and talk to -- about it. I will look forward -- affords -- more -- family as well -- It Kellie picker of the -- them not to get well exempt aptly not a hundred proof all the best to --

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{"id":15508640,"title":"Kellie Pickler's \"Feline\" Good ","duration":"5:23","description":"American Idol Alumni talks about new album and cat causes close to her heart.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kellie-picklers-feline-good-15508640","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}