Kelly Rowland Gets Lost At Sea

Former Destiny's Child Star Gets Stranded Out At Sea For 12 Hours
0:35 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Kelly Rowland Gets Lost At Sea
Kelly Rowland and friends got quite a scare this weekend when a boat they rented to go whale watching broke down off the shores of Provincetown Massachusetts. Former Destiny's Child singer and a group of friends were lost at -- for twelve hours when the vessel they were on lost its way back to six foot waves and heavy fog. Luckily the US Coast Guard was able to tow the party to shore. The group was set to be tired I'm thankful and it just wanted to get out the vote. Luckily the incident didn't seem to affect -- trip to New England town according to -- instant -- photos she is. Quote let --

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{"id":19747285,"title":"Kelly Rowland Gets Lost At Sea","duration":"0:35","description":"Former Destiny's Child Star Gets Stranded Out At Sea For 12 Hours","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelly-rowland-lost-sea-19747285","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}