Kelsey Grammer: The New Boss

Actor talks about his new television role as corrupt Chicago mayor on "Boss."
5:51 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Kelsey Grammer: The New Boss
So long Frazier get ready to -- Kelsey Grammer and an entirely new light He is starring as a corrupt Chicago mayor in the new -- -- boss which debuts tonight on stars. And Kelsey Grammer joins us now hi Kelsey great to have you join us. My time thank you let's talk a little bit about your character he's pretty. Dark but he's not just about got for the sake of being -- he's got his own demons right. But Tom -- is a man who has. Grown accustomed to power. He believes that he's -- the world some good He gets kind of a death sentence basically at the beginning of the show that -- So it was a talk clock on the legacy that He wants to leave behind them and the show basically. Revolves around the idea that in order to write the legacy wants to write. He needs to stay in power and that's that's the good -- of the first season basically he's willing to do almost anything to do that. But. It is very complex guy. He's a very complex. The man who is and is capable of great lows and capable of some some truly sort of self sacrificing moments it's it's a fascinating character to play -- complexes fun for actor raising questions. Alia was easy He is some pretty brutally He sets -- pretty pretty nasty things him. Honestly it's always nice to kind of figure right along really cared like that yesterday get a chance to say things -- members they realize -- Now obviously usually greater for twenty years on cheers. -- And that does He have anything in common with mayor Tom Cain maybe -- of the -- ego. Well certainly sit -- the Fraser got says things I've ever -- realised -- -- You know it's funny. I have an old -- get home good there was from what went to college. And it it's is very simple sentence that I saw as a guard -- -- -- just a few months ago outages basis as the difference between. Comedy and drama is style. And honestly I think I think that is probably true of in -- dealt with big topics and no love lost tragedy divorce all kinds of stuff that. Was going on and his family and then we took those moments seriously but we allow the audience to laugh in this case we're dealing with the you know life death. Love loss. The trail. And but the bill lens through which are watching it is just it's a drama so you don't you don't you don't invite the audience to giggle -- -- -- just ask them to take it. Seriously and it's it's really just a matter of the way you approach the material and so do you as an actor -- -- the comedy the drama. Well ices the comedies a little harder because you have to have this third -- all the time but being aware of what the audience mayor and not be doing. In the drama you don't have to worry about that so much as always your honest and connected to others. The the most primitive. Sort of conduit between. You and and the action that your portraying. As long as you're honest of that and lets you -- you're you're done you know everything else to worry about. Right now everyone always talks these days about cable offering more creative freedom that broadcast TV. Have you found not to be true. Watch this turns out that way you know -- in the venue is is were remarkable in terms of what it allows you to do. You know I mean there is some nudity in our show there's there's certainly a lot of bad words. I'm not my -- would necessarily. It's not something I think is necessary all the time but. In this case this character I can see in saying this stuff -- -- -- that it did seems. You know trenchant. Do you think what the major networks when you know picked up boss or do you think it is exists on cable -- Odds are I think you'd have to be on cable law it -- -- it was in the first episode is 57 minutes long I think almost 58 which amended you know never going to be 44. Because -- -- to be of the impossible to tell the story -- our rightful. Now -- you don't. -- asked that divorce is obvious -- the subject of a lot of media attention but you've chosen a different approach and other celebrities you discussed it you've been open about it but I'm just saying no comment. Why is back. Well I -- I said no comment for a year and a half. People I have got disgusted -- -- that anyone -- until. Appeared on piers Morgan just a week ago and actually open up a little bit about it I've. I would I would refrain from saying anything else -- right. All right well let's talk let me -- bit happier than you -- the voice of sideshow Bob on the Simpsons. And the show has been renewed for two more seasons that one -- -- back on the -- I don't I don't know the united never really know what they would do. He casts a pretty big -- over what is basically a small character but -- I think He is considered the he's the greatest. Animated villain of all time. The if you can move a lot of people love -- and of course you start an X-Men the last stand along with fellow Broadway star Hugh Jackman. Tell us did you have a lot of fun doing a superhero movie. Only was great fun because honestly you know there there is a superhero in all of us. I'm still -- and push Israel to put -- Great it's all right -- thank you so much Kelsey Grammer for talking with us today. Thank you. Don't -- -- at debuts tonight on stars.

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{"id":14789823,"title":"Kelsey Grammer: The New Boss","duration":"5:51","description":"Actor talks about his new television role as corrupt Chicago mayor on \"Boss.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelsey-grammer-boss-new-television-show-2011-corrupt-chicago-mayor-entertainment-14789823","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}