Kelsey Grammer Interview: Acting Roots and Past Roles

Juliard-trained actor discusses his work on "Cheers," "Frasier" and "The Simpsons."
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Kelsey Grammer Interview: Acting Roots and Past Roles
The tremors can be suppressed for a time without her left six awareness. Force of will. Not caught. You want to shake how do you feel about seeing monsters or believing you can fly. Your personality. Your judgment the way you look at the world all those things will be compromised. Soon. Yeah. And purpose. -- you have to know. Your best days are behind you. I want to talk about you when this began in this moment in your child to where you said to you pacts. And I'm going to be on act. They do this was that didn't have until I was. Seventy. And before that I I had I had been a singer I've been I've been in this Corus group of choral group this guy came to our school. Invited or -- than. Pretty commanded all the boys in the school to show up for an audition. Which was fascinating and only diversity -- to sing the songs and so they don't realize. And so for -- thing of saying yesterday. Yesterday. On my -- -- -- -- and it's OK your base. So my -- Bob cars in the earlier -- Penny penny stock has all the -- -- said are you missing this you're saying that amendment that would girls are missing this down and you you guys you hear your altos are missing this. And then slowly built this -- that became quite quite -- thing in our school -- she became cool to be a singer and that started me down the path of of live performance of you know the courage to leave but at least -- in front of people is that how it started a baby -- hear the blues and -- well kind of you know that that actually became a -- thing that they had the song kind of written up and I thought. With my way into that. And so I kind of thought about blue Z. Version of it and but character that you know would actually say you know. Eleven news. With -- at at a great. So you move from back from this sinking into us acting -- is good I was surfer the same image server every morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was your lost sight for that. A life as a surfer would be a wonderful way to spend life also -- wanted the chance to try a lot of different things. I thought that acting would provide that. If if -- had -- and had any talent at all and I really stuck to it I'd get you know. Be accountable or just. Or be a naval officer. Who all the things that ever wanted to do. As -- as how little -- so I've been there Chicago psychiatrists. Submarine captain. I've gotten -- courtroom quite a -- really wonderful things did you always instinctively know he had talent for comedy. No but I knew I was a look at -- my -- -- So you don't think -- -- -- -- images are real kind hearted woman puts in Cadillac that intentions are and I knew how to. Get in there finally -- -- to -- did that get the right response. Think to a rock and -- station on my way over an area. Probably in the mood. There whether passage in one of those tribal songs that I feel. Well as the keynote receiving. Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung to. Well. Do you remember the first thing you did when you plea Frasier cheers when you did you read that that first game wise way you in front of the camera via. Or what -- -- -- There where it where it took off was when he was talking to Sam about now. If there was ever problems -- there ever -- thing he ever needed he's always there for and then his beeper went off -- it. Rescind the -- of oh yeah -- -- -- at that point. They're afraid area if not that it's all there to do that and to. To play him. Through another manifestation. Spin off that becomes just the successful. Even more so -- in the -- he. You does that make you feel trapped sometimes attacked oh yeah always loving Frazier was such a delight to play that -- never really thought -- I did wonder why I didn't get more movie roles stuff like that but you know it's like -- -- that that thing of like him unless you've jar their imagination. They're not syndrome thing you know that Kelsey Grammer and one. -- all they know is he can do that. You're the beach in -- that but you know that was a specific on rosy -- you know I mean you're blue. Look at that came from about particular director who actually in not doing that -- They'd change directors but it was. His vision that health programs -- right there -- be. And thank god for yes as such Obama you know all -- above -- with that. Sam timing is right on the staff -- the right rights cheers. He was one of the guys that did the Simpson's little interest to -- things in the Tracey Ullman Show and when -- became its own show. He called me today counts do you still sing like Houston and -- again and so do you sing Cole -- and we've -- courts courts do that. It's what we got this character sings the song every time it's advice. It's. Do it gives them over the music -- -- -- over the music relatives yes numerous trips to -- I'll do it. And then of course I discover what the role was this you know and that was the -- across the gets busted was the -- of the show where such Obama set him up. And the first time such a -- actually spoke. So. Him being -- you -- and and educated and theatrical but. Did that seem to make -- and -- that came from Ellis rat. It was a terrific American actor. Wonderful performer. Very very flamboyant. -- -- very theatrical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And kind of a guest -- I have been a good. I was painting his apartment. Years ago when I was you know -- departments. And Ellis would sit and talk to me and and he was so lovely. And and it was like it was like a lesson in you know about generation and and of styles that I've had no. Experience with and so I just was like -- absorb -- -- -- -- you know spoke. Very very dramatically. Madrassa there you know -- there was one sentence is that that -- whom could have been my child. I want guys. That. When so why do so that's that's billion -- Is zealous -- There's something about a career people that do one movie after another and feed a family during the making -- being done film. That happens but we've been playing captain for a long time these people. We don't they seem like friendly doesn't even like Peters -- the answer like by Tyler yeah yeah. Yeah we don't see a lot of each other products but when -- I was just a short plan others or. She's a lovely. And and John Mahoney -- -- -- have a long long relationship with my own father. And so there's a kind of replacement value of -- pendulum -- in. It's a terrific things David Hyde Pierce of news here he did Broadway musical yeah you did -- kind of Fulton. Was it exciting was this I always great performances in week I was just well episodes of the week you find out you don't have four in with that is really -- And and what if you're you know funeral fart like. Youth day and you do you show. You know I grew up and you shall show -- do. Long run you -- that's a blessing you know get in there he felt every damn day. I've changed my shift I've shifted my perspective at some point this. I would love to do another Broadway Show. But possibly figure out a way you know -- one show -- -- get to I mean that. It's brutal. And family. But we always in this. It's. Almost. And -- When I had. And Woody Harrelson and and and Ted Danson at different times and I've. I was -- force them I can't force them to do when I persuaded them to do the cheers theme. Poll what do you sustain pretty well he can be these there was -- it's -- -- to those words when. I'm not hearing command. Would mean remember -- You know. Make anywhere in the world today takes everything -- got. Something about your all your worries that you're coming up the ability to wrap it wouldn't -- either get away -- that was it silently while ago. And everybody would have -- the song that came from your head heart. No I you know I'd what things on ways to do -- to walk in the theater every day thing. Only when there. -- if knows about this month to Tony about it and that you can have gotten you ready relatives got all there -- out what whatever is get you ready Kathy keep doing it thank you now thank you some issues with a huge. And he didn't try to. Tension. You can see that this on the wrong with -- It doesn't move to turn it you that there -- elements we it was really it looked just right and this is --

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{"id":17126889,"title":"Kelsey Grammer Interview: Acting Roots and Past Roles","duration":"3:00","description":"Juliard-trained actor discusses his work on \"Cheers,\" \"Frasier\" and \"The Simpsons.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelsey-grammer-interview-acting-roots-roles-cheers-frasier-17126889","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}