Kelsey Grammer Interview: 'Boss' Season Two

Actor breaks new ground with departure from previous roles.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Kelsey Grammer Interview: 'Boss' Season Two
-- -- Aren't yeah. That. A lot of golf it's. Gonna mess up the -- out -- there are good reasons. Thank you. Directions outside review. It's his -- of the Egyptian student and their -- it's. Isn't facing federal agents. This stuff and -- general. -- -- -- -- -- Reform -- saying. Take another consideration remembered about his computer knocks one home -- The only thing that's believable about you. Unmitigated stupidity threaten them. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers is his popcorn we we tell you what's happening in the pop culture and you have just seen a scene from boss. Starring Kelsey -- And I think you could tell from that scene that this ain't Frasier crane no but what we do have here is the real. Kelsey so welcome welcome to thing. Kelsey in that clip from Boston -- almost any clip we -- EUR Robertson beat us pretty much. So why did they say we have to have you Kelsey grammar needs to play -- Mayor of Chicago us because I actually created -- -- so I came with a package. -- I first met far Palestinians just just for drink 1 morning and we discuss you know some of our likes and dislikes -- -- might be fun to do and and several months later we got together and thought let's strike action idea. So derivative of Shakespeare. The hope was to tell. A modern. Epic tragedy. And so most of them have kings and courts and privy council's on the trails. And secrets and Doug documents and we borrowed from that it is kind of transplant. That sensibility to. Modern day and oddly enough that it it it translates pretty well in fact maybe modern day is just like it was 400 years ago. We thought it would be adjusting to explore that line we suspect may happen politics where. It crosses from threat to actual violence -- And let people see it. Do you have a moment before you embark on something like this where you go will. And -- taking on something that's a little scary. You've just got to get naked you know you do -- -- does bear. And bring yourself material and then. That starts just click this let's just -- -- it honestly and openly in and find that. This guy is aggressive he's a fighter and he's we'll -- Just a little -- who used to those that haven't found stars yet he's mayor -- law dean of Chicago but who was he's a guy came up. Through the ranks of both political machinery and learn how to master them and school -- not -- -- some guys were probably like he has now. He's ruthless. -- he knows exactly who's doing at all times she's six moves ahead of everybody else in the game. And -- he is a fighter -- before he's. He's somebody who will not -- it -- that -- -- -- -- -- is that it crosses -- -- -- They are matter and that -- to take care -- the other fact he left is that he's done. -- don't have -- what he's been given a very he's been given a death sentence basically and so now his life his life's work. The remainder of his life is dedicated to. May be rewriting history or at least writing history in -- way that pleases him. So that his legacy is preserved as something. Towering like the city here. It's it's all about his kingdom it's all about being the case -- that that's that's how our respect of the Shakespearean thing. A metaphor for -- about his Chicago that's what we've chosen and -- you imagine the trails. Loose behavior. Manipulation. You know union bosses. Trades Mendon all injured intertwined -- contracts -- -- so they'll becomes. That's the language of this particular role but. It's it's not a political drama it's it's human behavior draw oh it's it's about a man's desire. To be remembered the way it wants -- and and how companies. There's. -- scene where you're talking to your physician about what's happening to. And what you most afraid of these men and I'm very struck by the work of players. Mean yeah its descent says. I'm OK because I'm aware that hands has information again management and need to handle it and what happens when it goes away. And there's a bit of panic that counts and that's that's that's in this season of the -- -- -- -- -- -- politician -- Thursday that. He goes on a path the first five shows of the second season. Total of ten. There's a certain are to a kind of climax and then the demise it's it's totally a shift in the show for the next five shows six to ten. But that some remarkable about this piece what and we hope we have a chance to do is tell what kind of different story every. Every year. Making it different television show every year course televisions and -- if you hit four formulas -- working can keep the same way. The story can't work that way because the disease itself is taking it told that is visible visual. Psychological -- hats to be I have to be honest. Remained true that at least the -- of the show which is that he's on his way out. With anything tough for you. Personally to plan was this was -- some moment. In that first season in the second that you finished where you had to say well this is this is a tough. What I like about the show is that we've had the courage to write monologues right you know you -- beefy pieces of dialogue as well there. It's just engaging to me -- I loved loved English language and I love I love that expression. And so -- with the stylistically this is a different shows you we're used to seeing. Some of our partners Lionsgate for instance and then and even stars you know we're very concerned about while -- -- long speech. You know in television. You know we think the -- -- and I thought to myself while I actually have been on television. And I think the audience is ready for -- That well what we got to a place where everyone had a kind of comfortable. Dick topped. About the size of the speeches and -- the kind of a dialogue we are doing. And there is a stylistic languages. Part of this that I kind of talk -- the idea of political doublespeak you know. Politicians do talk in the -- -- the road never actually says it. You know it's just and then by definition -- that -- -- you you can't be careful. This guy you know behind closed doors. It is direct. And effective. Speech he comes right -- you whatever it is he wants. Or in public and then public. Conversely. Can say a million things without actually saying any answer animals and he's a very and displayed character. You know -- and charming -- -- that just aren't that originally and he can he is. Ideally suited to this job. The UN the world -- fix everything got. About your all your -- after I have a lot significant wrapped it wouldn't be alive -- away that the that was it silently while I don't.

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{"id":17126816,"title":"Kelsey Grammer Interview: 'Boss' Season Two","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor breaks new ground with departure from previous roles.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelsey-grammer-interview-boss-season-17126816","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}