Kelsey Grammer on the State of American Political Discourse

The actor wonders if his political leanings hurt him in Hollywood.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Kelsey Grammer on the State of American Political Discourse
Why weren't you nominated for an. Not need -- the golden girl he did you know it is a funny thing you spend a lot of time rack your brain about them and then and then finally. I did think part of me. You know maybe this bill has been on -- Republicans. What might have something I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a hallmark of tolerance and my community out there -- May or may not be true I don't what's so strange because. The idea is that like being a Republican to -- secret when asked what country it is worth the work that you could be there but you know what it's all it didn't -- nature -- the thing is I have always -- If you ever tell me the way things are bound to think the other way and so on them so what else. That it did occur to me that if if that's people who said this is the finest work of Everett he that has been. Widely circulated that notion that just surprised. Haven't won a few enemies before -- -- -- I'd be completely overlooked by the acting community. In what is. Arguably migrant work. It just seems -- you know what I'm OK maybe. If you have enough of that -- I don't really what you can do -- another -- I don't. So if you genuinely -- running for office and there was a time we used it. I still need help about it is definitely I think got to be able to a record with -- maybe congress I don't know maybe senate and on election wouldn't be the first thing you would do. -- as a -- what could you do in the political world that we. You gotta figure out how to make something happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Manipulation -- the truth. Approaches the truth -- you know unfortunately the truth doesn't sell things very well I mean honestly. Democrats Republicans aren't that far apart in terms of what their real vision is we want we want good things for everybody want. Prosperity and and and and nice things to happen and that we want to be responsible for ourselves. I don't think everybody wants the government take care of every problem. I don't believe that but. That's that's that's the story were selling right now that's what we're and that's what we're fighting and you know that's that's that's the language. I think I think you know Thomas Jefferson of the -- talked about in overtime government gets bigger. Individual rights get smaller and Barbara don't think people want but. That is that the fundamental difference between Republican and them. At this point I think it is -- you know I mean. You got to convince each other world in order to win elections I guess now I have to convince your team or. The swing voters that the other -- is evil. So you have to pretend they hate gay people or or that they hate -- certain ideas about you know entitlement programs. I do tend to think that. Smaller government works better. For individuals because it was individuals have a right to make their own lives work. And and obligation I think in this country. Government cannot guarantee. No suffering. -- I think government can actually help as it says you know. Commerce is in the constitution. Regulate commerce I think I think the government can actually advance. Prosperity. I think it's a little weird that. Right now it seems. The one actually expand. Suffering so -- little -- a little surprised about that -- -- -- you read these little articles about. No no more heart stents and you think what what's that -- -- but -- received one myself. That I have a particular stake in that so you don't have the solution to a political. Problems and stopped while I think it's actually I think -- want to definitely not a real solution is actually in. Facing head on the challenges that are real him on them you know everybody knows -- screwed up everybody knows from for thirty years the citizen. Every guy -- Washington's been talking about -- there is no way can continue the way it's. Or some of it has to change. But you wanna be changes at them you know your. Terrible person and I believe everybody should be able to get married whoever that humanity. I just don't believe government should ever been involved in marriage but of course they -- that to the mormons you know over the years ago.

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{"id":17105948,"title":"Kelsey Grammer on the State of American Political Discourse","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor wonders if his political leanings hurt him in Hollywood.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelsey-grammer-state-american-political-discourse-17105948","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}