Kentucky Connection for "Hunger Games" Co-Stars

Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence team up in anticipated movie.
6:04 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Kentucky Connection for "Hunger Games" Co-Stars
So tonight. She -- Teach you -- you have to grow. Saving you. He could make an impression. And usually indigenous people close in the district. It's called. -- -- I -- they didn't remember. You now. Doing love -- with Jennifer. And then got the tapes yet although there -- Really supported -- -- now because of that because I mean you know for for the characters that's that's the big no way he built up to speed as an. As -- told canister faced the white gloves are and how he feels about as a kind of doing at that moment was was was pretty equally and finally get to play it was very very -- Rewarding yet it was exciting -- that is there a shot we shot Paul -- and -- -- after days it was almost you know VP of dialogue. Is it was a very very intense quick camping which I sort of enjoy that that's that's where -- -- -- indie film making. -- -- -- a patient you know what -- do these scenes. And in a flash -- -- -- -- 23 issues -- -- have time to think about these kind of had just go and do it. Is very exciting creative very very -- Well the other thing that you have in common with Jennifer and reason she's here hiding today is that you both from -- -- -- Yes so how does that -- you. You know you can grow up again and now it's it's -- anytime you meet some might have from your hometown hero stage especially its Kentucky which is not known relief for. Its movie business it's kind of an instant bonding like Egypt I think -- just -- -- -- is common denominator and certainly new -- currently growing up in. And we have is it can actually kind of a child -- Probably no I don't role I would reckon hop completely -- plus my teachers -- my parents. They'll say otherwise I'm filling your book -- -- I was you would jedi are always a fun game in hand and rambunctious and other things but I was always outdoors like running around using imagination playing in the woods playing in the creeks. A typical some upbringing where -- promise you always being outdoors in the summertime. Never being inside and that's sort of time member. Life does. If you didn't have been -- conference school. From movements him. You have like another movie about the open you write yes on on April 13 I'm really isn't anything yet that -- -- -- -- -- -- a platform at least that's how in the it is. It's an -- executive produced as well. Which is somehow always wanted to do then USC music producer as well the story in the -- they would -- -- we say -- it. It's called attention and it's it's -- if you ever experienced and can think that. Until I stop doing school I don't have adjusted to my attention was getting grounding those who. The -- it's an amazing releases this is kind of is very fast paced mile -- -- would discover this time traveling -- And as the killers policies. And finally tonight. -- It's very very fact -- -- populace -- -- for the whole Twitter FaceBook. Young generations and it's a very exciting and that red -- to S finally act you just don't stop. I don't stop a shot at three years ago so it's like finally coming up 10% actually -- -- brother Chris Hemsworth and. I don't work with all -- -- I'm going to saint Luke and second I gotta get violent attack again and regular of the mainly the first. And yes I finally coming to me that he epic action movies whose -- and shoot the battle -- was also -- Catherine. In the -- of all young and -- you know we all got along great and. Blasting him. As keep wishing I think the way to show them that they don't own me. -- -- -- -- -- Still beat me. If this somehow hunger. And you've seen now west's yes. It's. You not about the movie would you like the movie you told she did and everything else but is there a moment -- that -- even if it's thirty seconds long about you where you're who you are looking at you it's great it's. -- looking at shots playing Peta where you say. I'm satisfied with that not them great but I can look at that moment and I like. For sure. I I think the scene where as the night before the hungry and myself and canisters in the window. -- -- -- blown up and which is. -- -- That that's you know allegedly changed satisfied you know. I thought that means the -- countless hours after -- like. Focus look at it Martin now with the Galveston. I'm asking is it was a good move means that actually product and and I don't say much about it and they do because. I don't always Libya I think it for me was very very proud. Our last question I asked if that everybody -- on the it always involves music OK it always a lousy song you know always involves this person singing. A small bit of some song that's in there had -- means something that. I ate the last -- month have had a -- don't think. And is that the music -- -- -- -- the supermarket. And there's no actual words it's predicted that -- yet so it goes. Bam bam bam -- bound by that that I that I that I about that that that an NN Atlanta. Canada about. And I -- -- in his late. A million renditions of it and you -- -- -- -- underground attorney -- Underground. But it doesn't mysterious but out of Nevada was gonna have a lot of other that we got us into each other. -- -- -- Gary Ross that you're listening to this can at least get the rights to that for catching -- -- -- I think it would just be perfect -- doing anything that would be great if they had at.

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{"id":15987897,"title":"Kentucky Connection for \"Hunger Games\" Co-Stars","duration":"6:04","description":"Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence team up in anticipated movie.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kentucky-connection-hunger-games-stars-15987897","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}