Kevin Sorbo's 'Herculean' Health Struggle

The actor reveals a startling health scare in his new book, "True Strength."
6:41 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Kevin Sorbo's 'Herculean' Health Struggle
Kevin sorbo became a huge star as the title player of the show Hercules the legendary journeys. But during that time He was also dealing with some major health problems and He reveals that -- -- watt Moore in his new book true strength my drink. From Hercules to mere mortal. And how nearly dying saved my life. And it's here now. The talk about this book Kevin thanks for being with us today as a -- split along title on the forever when this yet it does admit there's a huge message in this -- here is really to -- get to the crux of this. 1997. What happens. Was a threat in season's five Hercules -- -- might conflict I'm miles conduct the statement under the New Zealand were so. Now is coming back states -- some publicity in the movies of the year before called called a conqueror. And those with our new movie news action had these really weird pains my left arm going on for four weeks leading up and coming back in the states -- -- and -- bugs bugs though. I want my doctor Alan and I against the cardinals one reason or blows because. -- -- stunts and work out time. I wasn't concerned about that must be along -- children who He was concerned said you know this bothers me. -- -- -- Again you're here in need of anything like this before now you know her answers -- fifteen it's been happening over. Com source said -- OK we'll -- in some of the -- cancer. I would goods and -- grow and grow by themselves -- liberals -- all of them and then someone -- -- -- worked out. And I could even have them way there's with anti drug and -- it once might just like that. Well it through the pain and going to this the first -- it could mean streets was -- So my chiropractor who lived on the -- that went to see him for what doctors said in his own inspect. As he's working -- -- I hear a voice -- -- crack and a lot emblem. And things that you -- -- sentencing proposal because. He didn't crack when He knows little like when it close allies against do not back in the -- -- maximize -- it craftsman. -- -- -- news news. And like it paid -- MacArthur drive home. As I'm driving within two minutes. I have big pop in the back and it was weird moment -- just when -- -- -- measure on the road as on the road nine -- over. I had felt like -- was an aquarium with into the water the glass everything was weird distorted night -- on Coleman's -- Was -- life but ultimately -- the animals but -- She's a welcome -- there's an common law -- drive droll. Distances -- total denial something bad -- I don't -- -- warrantless. And by coming -- for the house to replace it I get there -- and another one on the pop. And my balance would like to -- and a and then I I I slept on this for what I mean for note twelve hours -- he's going to help us now is in denial. I was an -- India to save up to say the least -- -- get -- not -- -- -- have two more pops but the fourth one. My speech one. And I -- -- I I was that I'd I'd light strokes they won't admit it. And I looked better and she looked -- to weed out there fourth. I have three strokes of the fourth when dissolved Whitman's speech thank god but He went through my balance. And one into an additional 10% of -- both sides which is still there Tuesday. And two with my balance right had to -- to -- -- And yours was in this wasn't wasn't cancers Anderson that it exploded this was turning purple -- have amputated because of dying. And they face when -- -- away went up there and stuff who wouldn't heparin blood that is in there. Have -- -- for at least at least that we can you take this issue. This obviously blows my mind but would -- my models what is unbelievable to understand is that. -- and played this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You find -- on the back of people's homes on. I went back museum for three months we obviously. I would one person in this and I'd just -- all of rehab walking and learning how to get some bodies in corners -- I went back museum's -- seasons that went from fourteen -- 1 hour -- good morning hours any community or its content that's on which is not really and that the signature that was those tough on me not to do you know there's I loved and they did. Bernstein casting that -- and always people work around me that they shall put the previous episodes like it's a boulder in the woods and blue talent -- the hydra. You know -- cut -- this exists affiliate creative. And it took you know maybe next month -- two hours the third month three hours with -- Two full years and by the in the season seven which is these fears that stroke -- ultimately -- -- announcement back but it was a long. Long recovery obviously in the book is obviously -- if you -- have a message for people out there don't ignore the and the thing I -- -- -- for a long time I'm I'm glad the studio universal whose hit initially what was going with me. I want -- -- strokes it was a big. It was it was a prize Eagles -- -- was you know. And you know -- -- frail guy -- -- -- -- -- that those three months. I've lost fifteen pounds of muscle again I came on the set the crew knew I got sick and about it was when I saw -- coming up being balanced and -- might make -- artist. They look -- in -- someone's -- -- gone to become frail but there it shocked. And it was quite like going to wait for things that I sent them that -- Did the scene in the -- from applauding. Performance or lines and don't. It was hard for -- you I want the world to know what would have happened. I was embarrassed by -- were you afraid we're rhythmic comeback -- -- clearly you have. Oakley and I went unused after that when on the fighters hundreds episodes of Andromeda of them thirty movies and then. But yeah at the time I thought my crew is over and work with -- one thing that motivated to keep on. And you know like I'm in the -- back that voice I know that the place. I was but that was -- one one what I -- -- -- and a well and obviously -- got him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was the best of luck to you continued. Success and help.

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"The actor reveals a startling health scare in his new book, \"True Strength.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14772777","title":"Kevin Sorbo's 'Herculean' Health Struggle","url":"/Entertainment/video/kevin-sorbos-herculean-health-struggle-14772777"}