Key and Peele Take Over Comedy

Key and Peele discuss their continued success.
3:00 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Key and Peele Take Over Comedy
Currently in its third season Keegan Michael McKee and Jordan -- -- -- comedy by storm obviously with their. Hit Comedy Central show you -- Raking up over 400 million digital streams -- -- -- continuing. To entertain viewers that -- presence in Prague sketch comedy celebrity person nations and guess what we've got to here with us today gentlemen. It's been almost here rise since receiving a reunion. Not -- that here's what's. It's the holidays every year the -- right everybody -- -- he didn't bring a gift clearly -- -- to your dress and I hope. It's too big to hold your ridiculous -- and it was taking part was to bring back love at first sight when you guys first met -- you -- -- We've -- -- -- Madden on Chicago and not 2011. And John. It was it was a lovely and I saw him perform he did this the united if you remember his coach Heinz care -- an area. And he was killing on the second city stage. And we. We ended up. It's sort of -- hurting out at a diner. Just talk about comedy about three hours I got home like a quarter of 5 in the morning and woke my wife pubs and found off of already was dramatically recruitment. If not yet under the rubble right that's -- So -- moved in shortly after the fifth of the -- It was awkward -- which advanced an excellent indicating he had in fact if the three of us in the dog yeah we are purposely got -- mad TV together and started writing there together and Bristol district history. Don't ever try to jump in I mean that -- -- the chemistry that you got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know it's funny. We we don't do that so much what we do is on the show we write a third character usually the third character will be the lead of the sketch from so recently spotted what -- here we are celebrating them ants and like ostracize him at the -- When originally. We'll write them to be the focal focal point of the -- sometimes in its interest in the we have a lot of people -- to us is Amy and I got some instances you man I got some Emmy award caliber stitches. But with the you know which is just words actually have -- -- and it's great to get rests just out of nightmare with somebody take something off the table that is like. -- -- Obama. You -- -- you bull but can't do it investment and asset if they get what we witnessed the runway go to. I don't know they don't. You have a but victories below me have you actually ever taken some good picture that you -- -- -- of you know. Airport. -- -- -- I think that's the fifth and that is. Right there and tell him we have that's that stuff is good vessels -- the Clinton I. You know we've what what happens to us maybe once or twice a year a season is will come out with something and then will somebody else rule. Come out with something very similar or so close that we actually can't hear this -- -- so obsessed with being new being the first one on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the question as far as the creative process doesn't -- it's -- be pretty rapid fire those -- you're -- You know not be like that that has been that well yeah I mean it -- it -- We have the good things we have -- luxury of taking a certain amount of time to put our pieces together so it takes is about thirteen weeks to right season. So in that season note that there's some sketches that they're -- like that -- other sketches were movement you know we kinda let them simmer for a while before we get so. The partners com. There's just kinda it's actually more war. Calculated yeah yeah definitely we we have to do what we call evergreen sketches of to be funny now and funny and he ought to -- -- But you know yes we can't do something that's the flavor of the week because -- we -- -- country's -- US that's gonna last for the ages six. Social eyes to the kids are gonna enjoy this year's use -- -- for the kids are watching it now can show it to their kids exactly this is. Back when there were different races in America really cool it was a -- show that tradeoff a -- Back in the day here so sort of basket she does have a revolve around name someone played -- quickly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- University of stuffed -- -- mr. Jackson flex who works in California and of course -- -- -- -- inspiration what do you guys are just sit around on a Saturday afternoon just got elected with the but the letters will this throw -- is. That these I -- these guys -- inspired by you know of course the real got real bad -- a British shoppers. Are tedious bingo ha ha -- Clinton's next to guys like this and this isn't really. Dick Trickle used to be a race car driver are looking at that spectacle you can -- without running right -- it trickled behind it runs from new -- from New Hampshire yes that I don't know I don't I don't Dick -- is that we but we like funny games -- That came from. This has the -- we've got to mention of Iraq how how who thought that he can take yes you know right right right right it's at well I'm its rituals wanted to. -- figured -- -- was it one at a time when your impression the president Barack Obama. If you -- in case you the president was. What area I don't know why had dropped out. Let's get away. Iraq exit. You -- yeah I'd you see -- humble I am so -- been -- brightly shone right. All along that to a -- -- with you what's the response to -- I mean -- you guys -- you guys have met him. Only half -- dropped to form and he -- I mean the great -- he -- first -- Gabriel. As a bro hugs you know is with truth. -- -- -- -- -- -- Great anger and rhetoric in her first thing out of -- I'll have to wait till next car bombing. Way it's obviously so keep -- -- -- for a fourth season yes I mean it was a little touch and go Weatherford -- that somehow Comedy Central questions. Decided that maybe if they give us another swing at it against their better judgment. Yeah we have the Internet. The whole Internet phenomenon surrounding it is really kind of helps -- -- -- the show will look nice thing is is that you can watch any time anywhere gases he didn't go. Yeah and we mean and you know this a lot of sketches that never make -- on the Internet which -- -- fans kind of like Pasadena. You have to watch the show to -- the whole experience -- loved the way the Internet allows fans to. Be responsible for sharing via our material with other friends you know certain people aren't -- So -- one yeah. Socially it's a personal you're -- -- -- much more personal relationship. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the same time take effect after. Where there -- there.

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{"id":20880791,"title":"Key and Peele Take Over Comedy","duration":"3:00","description":"Key and Peele discuss their continued success.","url":"/Entertainment/video/key-peele-comedy-20880791","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}