Kids' Questions on 'Ladies of Liberty' with Cokie Roberts

ABC News' Cokie Roberts takes questions from kids at St. Ignatius Loyola School in New York.
11:32 | 12/19/16

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Transcript for Kids' Questions on 'Ladies of Liberty' with Cokie Roberts
So you'll have any questions and bypassed me with a paint let's start of the. So I I I started with the women the idealist who in the women. Who. Whom the founding fathers listened to him. So when they were starting the country who was the women who were working alongside them and help them. But then as I started to learn about them women. I learned that there were lots of influences in their lives. And and so I am I wrote about those Whitman and and so for instance this woman. Judith sergeant Murray back in the seventeen hundreds. Wrote dead men and women should be equal. That's why she's got this balance. She wrote something called on equality of the sexes. And she said it anybody everything in a two year old boy in it to you girl and thought that one was smarter than the other. When they did they tend to think it's the girl. And so she. She was saying that it is them. Education that makes the difference and so she was arguing for that. So I would find new women in his eyes studied them what restraining. Elizabeth thank you for your question and a veiled threat then that's a Klitschko but I think your name for it took. A huge amount of producers it took years worth of research. Partly because. Versailles have a day job so I'd have had to I had to do it when I could. But partly because it's very hard to find out information about women from a couple of hundred years ago. Because. People didn't say aid would they wrote in the ways they saved with a man. More questions again at. I. Perfect as the perfect thing I wrote my yes. I did raise a kid I went to a Catholic school with nuns. And they made you write and write and write and write and write and it was the best thing that could have possibly happened to me. Because my whole career. Has involved writing a great deal. And speaking. And those two things are connected to each other and so. I've always written and I loved writing and I them. Finding words letters special words that make something come alive. So keep it up. Requested. Let's go over the fact that have an idiot. Is there it back to back and make everyone at home here and when hand McCain. And now it anyways I'm an inspired port. No I never have favorites because. There are very different from each other people asked me to add about. Modern day people's news do you have a favorite interviews and and the answer that no. But. But although I did indeed the Dali Lama recently and that was quite something. You don't get a word again that in fact that. That. I went what did inspire me this means now person the time of the revolution. How old what incredible patriots they. And you understand chance getting through and game. In the eighteenth entry was really really. There is no washing machine loser dishwashers. Or anything like that just raising a family. It was very difficult and wait too often. Children die and it was really stand. And these women even though everything they had to do. Just to get through the day we're still so interest it. And the fate of the country and it was great patriots. And they would sit and write letters about that's me and let's have a new country and that's make sure it's good. And and again have been country is. And started working really hard to make it a good country everybody. You know as we moved west and everything was exciting. And great country it's still a great country. The people some people got left. Out. And the women's that and day work to make it a more perfect union. Or questions. Again. Collecting. It. When you found that new information act keep researching picture it's true before you write about. One of the and manages to go into what's called primary sources so. If somebody writes at if you read this book about these women that would be called a secondary source because it's what I wrote about. Okay but if I go to their own letters that's called a primary source that's what they wrote themselves. So I know that's their truth you know that they said that. And the same thing as too about like the records of the oil and so I don't have to question. If I mean that someone else said about these women yes I do have to check in on the and the thing that. I would recommend against. Is reading something on the net and thinking that it that it you need to be very careful. About what Julia and very near here. Importantly. Economic another question from the crowd. How about that there thinking. The senior. I'm often feeling really scared and because I'm always really late I always make the deadline. But as I said I have a day gap and so I'm often. Having to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to rye neck who thinks I feel tired. You and a little nervous but that I did I love the action I love knowing these people and bringing them to you. And because of that it makes me very joyful but I get to know them so well. It's sometimes I get upset so my husband called me Monday when I was writing then ground up book of fanning monies and he said you sound so why. And I said well because Eliza pink need to ask I'd. Now applies apparently died you know in 793. Years something bad but it. She had just died in my story and missile. Are tied to our questions eloquent from the federal in this I'd written track. Rating this leave. US yeah. Africa crashed and lying on victory in the middle and baker and the others are. I think this was sold and this was a decision by the artist and by the publishers to. Just have something that we catcher awry on the cover of the black and Anna's eyes say the baby. The baby is really in chanting. And so I think that that was the main reason that it's also true. That so many of them women in this book women that you haven't heard. And second Julie is one. We have very so I think that that was part of the reason as well there are 21 ladies. My earlier book has more because they. It's that period of better known but Elizabeth Munro the life and James Monroe. As First Lady in this book and she was not well when she was in the lighthouse and her daughter. Allies a hey you really. Active vipers lady and we might be seeing that again. We're hearing that a vodka truck might be coming and doing some of the First Lady work. And the other First Lady. Is Louisa Catherine Adams John Quincy Adams by. And she is the only other lady in the money at trump to have been born outside the United States. Her father was the council to do Great Britain. And so. So we have some some things that we can think about for today. From from the First Lady. All right last question and even then though it Qaeda right at it you get the very last question go but what's your name it to. My. I. I. O. The yes. Yes because people's. Boca. And then they voted down about a hundred years later and it was up how I am. An Indian me on the front here in the front here at that point of fathers west was Massachusetts. Simple but it's that. Not very far west. And then and here's an excerpt from her apartment was called the bars by. And she says Eunice albums is the Indians coming and hope to save herself by running. And I'm not her paddy codes after the awful creatures had not touched her so she was done in by her dress. The. I'll follow F I let it. Why did he want. I wanted to read about them because they were interesting to me and I thought they would be interest in to you but I also think it's very important. That everybody particularly young people. Understand. That this country was not just founded. By man. That there were women very essential. To the creation of the country and to the continuity of the country. And I think that's important for everybody to now. He wants to read the book the whole thing now. And that at all and I. Bad thing about you and me and they being put. I thank you so much for welcoming ass in gear classroom. And hoping for a wonderful wonderful Christmas app couple more days for vacation and it. Dad not get the most excitement hey I thanks Tim that they cases like Ellis school. Here in New York thank you tactic Robert if the book is leading the liberty ladies of liberty the women shape that nation you. Go check it out thanks so much for joining us we'll see that again. Very San.

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