Kim Kardashian Filing For Divorce

Rob Shuter reports on the potential end of Kim's marriage with Kris Humphries.
6:35 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian Filing For Divorce
We have -- -- on the celebrity front to share regarding Kim carjacked and robbed -- from -- with celebrity is here to fill us in. Great to see you you -- -- isn't. We have breaking news recognized right now only minutes ago and this has been confirmed can contact -- After 72. Days of marriage has filed for divorce today. Oh my goodness but now even by Hollywood standards by celebrity standards this was an amusingly -- -- how long -- -- initial 72 days they're rumored to have may ten million dollars from the sweat and which are actually put the daily rate -- just over a 133000. Dollars. The -- Now -- -- -- they -- no one knew what these kind of numbers you know people are gonna say wait a minute did they do this whole thing. Just for the money with the justice it's a great question and this is like him -- -- half -- The public does not mind celebrities getting divorced what they do remind them what they will certainly be -- Santa about when she could -- -- very successful bronze. Is if they think she do then if they think that this wasn't real. If they think that they she pulled the -- level what our eyes and made us all look silly. -- -- -- -- have some really serious repercussions what's interestingly. Tomorrow her mother Chris Jenner starts walk to so her mother is Boortz on many of media Iraq let's. For the next week to talk about -- book. Obviously -- the question is going to be -- let's see whether or not she council. Now assuming that wasn't all a total -- really was love there what do you think went wrong so quickly. They -- if not terribly busy schedules they almost scheduled time for this wedding. We didn't schedule time for the marriage they found a day to that they will -- available to get my. Married then nobody went through their schedules to see if they were in the same city -- him herself said that the living arrangements following the waking. We're less than ideal only this weekend she hosted a Halloween policy here in New York by herself. Chris was nowhere to be seen he's going to Australia next week. You know I have to say. Her job is showing up at event that's -- -- paid out there. And what's the sort of walk you know aren't as -- -- -- -- -- policy that they did downtime and they -- the red carpet together and -- did. -- power. 45 minutes on the red carpet was no expense was hope will look that was her paycheck -- that she did everything grates on the -- as reporters. We love it could she stops and hold. He didn't really want to be on the home that he did in ten minutes she cleaned you can see inside the policy means -- -- I'm really him yeah he and it needs to cause big fascia italics Austin. How does that you let him out and -- -- let our lack of my down -- Boone what -- -- certainly breaking news and you're gonna hear a lot more about -- topic in the days ahead another. -- big story was that sixty minutes interview with -- -- Madoff wife Ruth what she say about. Almost committed suicide remains an -- -- time it's a sixty minute she also has a new book. It seems about these books come out these things -- -- sat on sixty minutes since that Christmas Eve Bernie and Ruth and then multi million dollar penthouse. Took pills -- wanted to commit suicide they didn't leave -- -- -- roof. Said the next morning they both woke -- and it's very happy that they did. I told Joan Rivers about this story -- famously had a husband -- get out who committed suicide. And since then in the -- -- has been very very passionate and about suicide prevention -- asked -- about it. -- -- basically shook her head and didn't really believe what refused saying she said that if you wanna commit suicide you have to do she didn't believe the -- he did and so shameful. Considering that -- and son. -- yet serious -- it's a -- inside story on best hope that we can all learn a lesson from this when John was very crossed the -- is that they're saying this if he didn't. I think about absolutely Howard let's talk a little bit about George Clooney out now as we know he's. Moved on from his -- I was a bet that yes -- doing so quietly into the night. Realities and was nothing that. Shouldn't dancing with the stars and she did the -- -- with an Italian journalist where she explained their relationship for the first time. Instead it was like a -- I'm sure. -- The interview wasn't entirely right maybe some of it is lost a little bits and transaction. Maybe there's different words of of that for poppy apartment. With the translation pretty much meant that it was a -- they were. Relationship handed -- any words that Stacy Keebler and he didn't I mention he's my children to choose red flag has the problem. Age differences because struck again with a very. Some could say that her words were certainly a little paddy do you think that I was -- by George -- a little -- yeah. That's do you -- that -- get that right with some pro athlete academic and they're about it. I don't have a little bit about Lindsay Lohan I mean she's always in the news as we know skipping probation another court hearing -- Candiotti got a head start to get old news but what -- the latest. The -- the big Newsradio Lindsay is that she bleached those teeth not a yelling at office yet Jihad in the teeth fixed and then she felt the need to tell the would old she -- -- -- -- -- -- tweeted I had to -- -- with a big beautiful -- Thanking her dentist with an onslaught that thin and with the passage between Japan however Wednesday is a big -- in the world of things -- -- hunch is gonna -- before the judge. And admits that people are saying that she did violates her probation and if she admits that does she could get two weeks may be left with overcrowding who she could go away for you they couldn't get a fair -- -- probation violation and the judge did say -- Lindsay if you don't take this seriously you going to jail so let's see on Wednesday -- the -- and. Still things the same I'm sure we will be talking about at and what her father king did say something about has reached Iraq he really did she wants nothing to do had done I think he's become an embarrassment to -- she wants nothing to do with him. He sits -- in prison and not. And it really doesn't take much to one to. Why this -- -- -- so much trouble when you look at the pattern. -- now the apparent now we have -- we just have to keep. Rooting for -- in hopes -- for the Lutheran. The Huntington thank you so much thank you look at the disintegrate -- the.

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{"id":14853128,"title":"Kim Kardashian Filing For Divorce","duration":"6:35","description":"Rob Shuter reports on the potential end of Kim's marriage with Kris Humphries.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kim-kardashian-filing-divorce-marriage-with-kris-humphries-to-end-entertainment-14853128","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}