Is Kim Kardashian Quitting Her Reality Show?

Rob Shuter has all the latest Hollywood headlines
2:39 | 02/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is Kim Kardashian Quitting Her Reality Show?
You whatsoever -- news -- -- we've got celebrity news from the man that always delivers. Rob shooter from -- popularity rob always good to see you sir good to see all right so what's our Lady -- obviously disappointed a lot of little mark had to cancel some -- -- surgery yesterday she say she's doing great -- had -- to little to -- Two months that's telling them that they actually inspired. That while she went to such issues think about how brave they what is -- she's a genius. You rarely hear ZDF it always makes it about the flat with which -- Refreshing because most celebrities make -- about themselves. But let it got house had has center -- and I used to celebrities and to be a little focused on their own being I'm saying that the paper for the camera. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You cannot technically cameras -- Shia LaBeouf was opposed to what with what was opposed to work with Alec Bartlett and that fell -- That in the Broadway play -- what the Broadway play that is gonna debut in just -- weeks it has been and we hustles for less than a week. I'm -- has dropped its of this conflicting reports -- The official statement is there was artistic differences however people behind the scenes -- saying he got into a terrible fight. With Alec Bolton and -- was sort of pushed surprisingly last night he released several emails private emails back in full between them. And it certainly looks like a lot of drama went on between these two. Gentlemen who have very high opinions of themselves Alan -- -- always seems to have some kind of a public social media hit. It eventually we can -- him -- -- raw eggs included extra week to. But the other justices still -- as long given up playing words with friends in the planet if -- fine for now they can happen between themselves are kept guard bashing everyone's like on bated breath she's got a at a rally if you get a new shares season coming up to one really confusing -- did an interview with this new magazine usual magazine. That went to three months. Two months -- citizens' -- not quite distressed as well we think -- hit newsstands a couple of days ago. She in the infused that this season. Would be her last season -- he would conduct students she said we -- Condit last has tore through a lot about privacy. Not that this interview has love and and everybody say the -- quits and shut. Human to FaceBook to issue -- very different statement saying that she loves the show this is the center of -- -- -- -- she has no plans on leaving any time soon. I know that you're not but let's say you're gambling man what would you put your money on Chris Jenner Kanye West Chris -- Outlook about the -- Whatever the guy with -- over Chris trenor are prosecutor thank -- -- my throws Brasilia.

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{"id":18560610,"title":"Is Kim Kardashian Quitting Her Reality Show? ","duration":"2:39","description":"Rob Shuter has all the latest Hollywood headlines ","url":"/Entertainment/video/kim-kardashian-quitting-reality-show-18560610","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}