Kim Kardashian Tried to Get Reggie Bush Back?

Life and Style weekly has the scoop on Kim's attempts and more Hollywood gossip.
3:52 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian Tried to Get Reggie Bush Back?
We're only a few days into the new year and there are already a number of -- celebrity's story is here to break them down as Cristina Gibson senior editor at life and style magazine estimates the great things yeah yeah yeah that they happy new year to you to. Let's just a loyal mystery a dead body found on the the queen's estate it's a little sad yes over the holidays the -- -- they're celebrating having a Christmas and body of a female's remains are found on the property. And the clean and -- -- -- on the premises at the time. My -- do they have an identification of the -- they don't know yet the autopsy is under way and Kate and William were not on the grounds and that was found so Kate celebrating her birthday on Monday. Hopefully there'll be no dead bodies. At how -- it has and has the royal family if any kind of statement regarding why they haven't really said anything -- that they're waiting until the autopsy comes out my goodness that's pretty scary penetrate beyond. Light the lighter cited gangs and Drew Barrymore has some exciting news. Yes she got engaged over the holidays and happy news for her she's engaged to -- -- and he popped the question with a four carat diamond ring it's gorgeous. And it's her third marriage so hopefully their time will -- -- charm project what we know about this guy. I'm he is in Hollywood as well you know he's not an actor but. He is in this scene and they've been dating for a year now and he said that she thinks that she's the one any gathering himself and he's ready to make -- -- -- so we're so excited for the past alienated that now Elsevier that. A Dallas and aren't -- -- -- -- man is that right yes it is shredded -- and I had a -- 2011 the -- cancer -- to the throat surgery but. She's -- -- some downtime in Florida she's actually been spotted in -- -- -- in the Everglades. With her new man and he's -- businessman. And they've been on Huntington where they've been taking an Everglades boat tourists though he you know even think -- CN -- but. Statement -- -- holding hands going to restaurants. So it's -- she's found -- and hopefully she'll be back onto land and by the finding love is as a relatively recent thing they haven't that -- as far as we know it's not to really -- this is the new shots that we're seeing them together. And you know she sings about love and heartbreak and everything so hopefully. If she's happy alleged you can still do her amazing song that NRA and she's an amazing talent lately for the best for -- now. Beverly Hills housewives has a shot I have some shocking news one of the start the show is actually becoming a wife supposedly. We're not kids -- -- about this plan supposedly and Vegas over the weekend New Year's weekend she tweeted a picture of -- a -- thing they got married there in front of -- chapel. And it wasn't planned but there -- married and this was brand the -- -- -- -- -- -- married her good friend with nothing romantic they just wanted to get married on New Year's and Vegas on a win. But then she came -- -- it was an official and then she said they're gonna get it annulled so. Isn't it wasn't officially would have to get -- and also it's kind of a mystery but it's now made -- someone had a few to many cocktails so many cocktails and somebody giving -- some attention and headlines and I guess it worked as a -- but she's not really married they're not romantically involved and you know justice and a panel wild -- to see and a wildcard. We that's going on and -- -- we -- a week without having some can card that's in news. So we're hearing that she may be rekindling things with an old flame gas -- -- hearing that her and Reggie Bush tracks boyfriend have been talking speaking. And after her divorce from Chris -- she was actually hoping to kind of -- things with him. But then she heard that he was with other girls in Miami look like car. Up partying at the -- tenacity is not -- assurances kind about -- Figuring out where to go next -- that well at least they look like her so yeah I know that's a compliment I. So they're not they're not really on -- his season is actually wrapped up in Miami so he's going to be out LA she's an LA's so. I think does hearing that they may try to give -- another shot but -- some trust and aides believe absolutely will take some time for I think in the am I think yeah.

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{"id":15307918,"title":"Kim Kardashian Tried to Get Reggie Bush Back?","duration":"3:52","description":"Life and Style weekly has the scoop on Kim's attempts and more Hollywood gossip.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kim-kardashian-reggie-bush-back-15307918","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}