Kim Kardashian's Quick Minnesota Trip

Rob Shuter dishes about Kim and the latest Hollywood headlines.
4:48 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian's Quick Minnesota Trip
Time -- -- you got up and all the latest. Celebrity headlines rod shooter from -- posts celebrity dot com it's -- all of us get -- thinking if you're joining -- -- let's start with Kim Kardashian and why she flying in the middle of the night to see her accident company at least yes. From Australia she could Australians -- short and and then surprised everybody by -- on a commercial plane. Flying to Minnesota. When she soul craves for less than 24 hours now she's back in Los Angeles are to report. So some people are saying she went to meet with him to discuss how they can handle this divorce some people are saying she went back. Because she wanted to control this negative press there's something -- -- she -- that she really wants to save the marriage. We will obviously find out what the truth is going to be for the next couple of -- -- has been a little blind sided although I think the whole foundation race gender rights or on your show I expect to. As well I think -- -- them major as well as the Mulva. Everyone in the family was shocked at the amount of public outcry that -- happened because of this -- the -- them making. He's then saying people get divorced all the time and threatened -- -- -- the last. People all angry with him about the divorce. People are angry because they think she do to us right I think she did -- thing. The little sneaky nobody likes to be no and how they're wondering you know is there going to be another -- are they going to coordinate the I don't blasting she could possibly do. He's -- sit down interview and sell in this divorce story rental house to moment she would do that and -- had absolutely no off. But at the moment the trust level the public house with Kim. It's not so great now the. Just lay -- and what -- about a possible American card hinted they would let go into Atlanta this week's tech community with Tyler Perry and -- is not stopping can can going to be that -- right let's talk about someone would likely be working a little bit more -- yeah. And brief -- he went to prison -- -- Two days with her sentence she was that less than five hours sessions in an accident four and half hours. I think once again he most -- to get a little sick. Of Lindsay gets in the way with break in the -- -- white outs and they said that it was over crime -- However. You've got so it's so important -- who always keep an Alley prison that they call on somebody -- a -- -- all. Bill will presidents of -- is the criminal if he thinks. Clinton -- Such as it. She could not break any of the -- that she's been set she's got to continue serving at the mall she's got to continue doing drug test. I'm told that people this time have -- had done instantly and say you've got to take this. That we will see. Right all right -- don't want to mr. Bieber Justin Bieber fights in he's fighting that he's taking a return again isn't -- interviews at MTV Europe awards this weekend and he said to sizzle rubbish that is why would -- he has but he did say that this was not a good story he didn't leave any of these. And his lawyers who said he will take a paternity test. And once he's he's an innocent. He's -- until after assuming that things -- -- accusations. About the in the fall homilies have just spoken up saying right take the test bring it on Maury Povich should do. I am donating this is getting down -- -- require -- different I was sort of something about the story struck me is very -- -- but now we were talking earlier she asked to have something. He's the only thing to handle. Gil Scott its right of stagnation have someone -- lot of the troubled past and how. This is on the cover of Star Magazine they also on The National Enquirer that -- John Edwards stories this is a publication that does break major stories. And it -- -- put you on the cover they do investigate -- claims so we will wait and find out what the truth is -- -- Donating can't wait to hear -- talk movies -- the box office but love the fact that tower heist. Starring Eddie Murphy people are saying old school adding that he -- they were really expecting this this time -- about it they voted this week -- big comeback hosting the Oscars. This movie was the -- to be no need to look at the box office this weekend. The total -- and it wasn't as in do you -- all of you know. Eddie Muslims. They -- about 25 million post and million dollars to unfortunately that -- little. Post how he's like me -- didn't play does not as we want I don't through the I'd rather see McCain fifty. -- -- pretty good -- -- pretty good -- when I think about I think I'd rather asking tower -- but I had to take my kids. An eyewitness. At my. Well yeah if I'm -- they think that affected.

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{"id":14898478,"title":"Kim Kardashian's Quick Minnesota Trip ","duration":"4:48","description":"Rob Shuter dishes about Kim and the latest Hollywood headlines. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/kim-kardashians-quick-minnesota-trip-14898478","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}