Kirk Cameron Calls Gay Marriage 'Unnatural'

"Growing Pains" star's "Piers Morgan Tonight" interview sparked backlash online.
0:36 | 03/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kirk Cameron Calls Gay Marriage 'Unnatural'
-- -- sitcom star Kirk Cameron is feeling the heat in the social media universe after denouncing gay marriage. Appearing on piers Morgan tonight on Friday camera and called the gay marriage unnatural. And said it was destructive to civilizations. Cameron is well known for his conservative Christian values but his anti gay comments sparked a major backlash on Twitter. Even former growing pains costar -- gold spoke out. Tweeting that she believes in equal rights for all. Piers Morgan however defended Cameron saying he was brave for voicing his opinion however antiquated his beliefs may be.

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{"id":15852425,"title":"Kirk Cameron Calls Gay Marriage 'Unnatural'","duration":"0:36","description":"\"Growing Pains\" star's \"Piers Morgan Tonight\" interview sparked backlash online.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kirk-cameron-calls-gay-marriage-unnatural-15852425","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}